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Here is an incredible fashion designer, but even more she's a branding and marketing genius whose an orphan at a young age work. Sure. Way up takes an opportunity to about the time of the first World War Two revolutionize fashion not just in France. But around the world, and then she builds an impera on that to include the fragrance should on number five by being both a good business person. But then also being. Brand herself. When people bought Chanel products, they were buying Coco Chanel 'cause she dressed a certain way, she actors certainly shed a lifestyle, and she invited you to be like cocoa. And the best way to do. It is where her clothes use her perfume embrace her lifestyle, and it it worked beautifully as a leader. She was a tough person. She was tough to work for. Yeah. People loved to work for because she was special have you embrace the Chanel lifestyle. I'm not that far yet guy. Probably the figure in this book with whom Americans are least familiar is a Chinese Admiral name Jong her who is pretty well unknown over here. But in China, he's revered as this great hero. And today, he's even become a symbol of China's emergence as a super power, what does Jong her say about China's global ambitions in the twenty first century. Well, he says a lot he was a fifteenth century figure theoretically seven feet tall with a waste five feet around. He'd been castrated at age ten, but then remained loyal to the to the Ming dynasty which had actually killed his father and castrated him. But, but he led this big spoilt seven different voyages of treasure ships out around the world and China now has pulled his memory most people in the west and didn't know who he was pulled his memory up to show that they're a global power to show that they have always been. International most of us think of China's the last two hundred years when the middle middle kingdom was very insular and to a great degree backward. Now, she Zhang paying with the one belt one road strategy is saying that was a very temporary thing what you saw China. And the last two hundred years isn't us. We actually were global nation. We have always been that way. And here here's proof. And so who a nation pulls up and makes their heroes says an awful lot about what that nation wants to communicate. And I know that you're probably more often asked to comment on Iraq or Afghanistan, but is the rise of China and the state of play in the South China Sea, something that you give a lot of thought to these days. Well, I do I'm not in government. But anyone who doesn't give a lot of thought isn't thinking, economically or diplomatically or potentially militarily because China which again had two hundred years of I described. As a bad weekend. They are back in a big way. And what we've gotta do is re look how we fit in the world. Most Americans have a post World War Two view right after World War Two America was forty six percent of the world's global domestic product, which is an aberration and not sustainable now that we've got the rise of kingdoms like China and other parts of the world. I think we need to understand that our role will be interacting not necessarily in opposition. But it's going to be complex, and we're going to have to deal with real. Not in a in a way of denying the reality. But in a realistic approach, you actually include of all people too, many people surprise, Al Qaeda and Iraq leader, Abu Musab als we among the biographies of leaders in this book. Now, this is the man that you hunted and eventually killed what can you learn about leadership from your enemy in combat when it's it's interesting to step back. We took thirteen leaders for this book right to include Coco Chanel Harriet, Tubman. Margaret Thatcher Albert Einstein Leonard Bernstein, Sweden, a wide range because they're not just military leaders are political, but someone I had to put in there was Abba Moussa votes collie because I fought him as part of my task force for two and a half years, and we ultimately killed him and in June of two thousand six but I came.

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