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You so very much when the president's personal valets has tested positive for the corona virus creating a speculation as to whether not the president's going to follow the protocols that the CDC is issued when somebody has been in close contact with someone with a corona virus that is too self quarantine for fourteen days president says he's been tested every day and he has so far tested negative that later on Walt is in McKinney Texas wall journal aerial show thank you so much for calling I appreciate it what are your the best on the air honestly everything you say it's just egregious histological makes so much sense I was not aware of the ethnicity the race of the either the judge or that young lady was a salon until I did a little investigating an online Elise had it been the opposite had beat woman but an African American try to keep her shop opened her to the hair of the lady said she caters to and the judge been white you would have heard it over and over and over how we suggest he was how he was so condescending the way he spoke to her the way he treated her and you boarded up early when you talk about by it just gets a notice or not when the citrus bowl when he quit doing this it someone fair and I just don't think the media ever handles it fairly you're the only one or one of the very few that do what I do appreciate that well thank you so much for the call I didn't know the ethnicity of the judge I didn't know the ethnicity of the woman because I saw a brief clip of it on television so it was a black judge giving her a lecture like this telling her to apologize to a to society for daring to make a living and your your question is or or your observation hypothetical observation is if this were the other way around a white judge lecturing a black woman like that are you kidding me in comes the N. double ACP and calms Chris Cuomo incomes don Lamont by the way why is it don Lamond but Steve Cole bear why isn't it Donavan and Steve Colbert just asking just putting it out letting it fester.

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