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Carolina, Gabe drew Brees, all you could handle with his lowest quarterback rating in two years at sixty nine point one. The two hundred three yards passing with no touchdowns and an interception by James bradberry. Just the fifth time this season Brees has been picked off right formation breeze. Backs up past the ball wants unloads left. It deflected and picked off by the Panthers bradberry to the forty to forty five looking for blockers has a convoy to the saints forty five tackled at the forty yard line newcomers to the game that you breeze, and Michael Thomas all those guys on the opposite side of the ball their explosive offense capable of putting a lot of points on the boys pretty much. They want to give them nothing easy. We didn't want them to score at all. So unfortunately, sports will we always say on defense. They don't score they can't win. So I mean, we lost raised with a shovel pass to Panthers are all over it. And they Jack hill up at the forty four step in trouble under duress. Bonner Lynn in a nickel. Covering and now coming on a blitz trips. But. And throws him down. At the thirty. Guys. Did a nice job with initial push. I really was pleased with the way the D line stepped up. They really were dynamic, and that's what you look for new hope from the guide. So I was really probably I thought coverage guys really worked hard in trying to limit the effect that the passing game we gave up a couple of big passes that we kept him in front of us for the most part enforce them to move the ball methodically. And and and and enforce yoghourts which again, give yourself a chance to win Brees has the snap. Looks at chimera right wing. Nothing there drift to the right and fired intercepted picked up. Dante Jackson Jackson to the twenty twenty five thirty thirty five forty two thirty two twenty the ten the five he holds the ball out high steps. Talked about no moral victories. And you really don't want to accept that that way. But at the same time, you do on.

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