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BC FBC HD one Indianapolis THIES urging the U. S Senate to give them a chance on Lisa Brady Fox to use the president elect. Formally introducing some of his key Cabinet nominees. Fox's Jared Helper as this live the President elect Joe Biden intends to rely on veterans of former Democratic administrations, the lead his national security and foreign policy team. They embody my core beliefs that America's strongest When it works with this allies. Any blinking, a longtime foreign policy aide to the president elect will be nominated as Secretary of State. Alejandro May or Kiss has been tapped for Homeland Security Secretary and career diplomat Linda Thomas Greenfield is expected to serve as U. S ambassador to the U. N Former Secretary of state John Kerry will serve in a newly created Cabinet level position. Special envoy on climate Lisa Thanks. Geritol, Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio calls Biden's picks caretakers of America's decline, suggesting they'd return the country to a normal that left us dependent on China Moments ago. President Trump wishing Americans happy Thanksgiving while presiding over the annual turkey pardon at the White House, this year's lucky birds, Corn and Cobb. I'm a farm in Iowa. Earlier, he made brief remarks on the Dow hitting 30 K. And it's the 48th time that we've broken records in during the Trump administration, and I just want to congratulate all the people within the administration that works so hard, But he's not conceding a day after acknowledging that transition work should begin. New York governor Andrew Cuomo, pushing back for a second day on law enforcement officials who say they won't enforce some covert restrictions, including the limit on gatherings. Are you a politician? Or you were law enforcement officer, you have to pick But he's this as the governor scales back his own family's.

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