Selena, Iowa, Chris Ryan discussed on The Bill Simmons Podcast - JackO on 'Mike and the Mad Dog,' and Shea Serrano on the Best Worst Movie Dunks (Ep. 239)


Uh this week he has david chang mike lombardi and myself talking about diners i told the story about mr jeez diner to ciller yeah i did because we were talking about the authentic experience about diners and how energy owned by one person or family and i was like my favorite diner reference it was this to g which the districts special sauce selena said that joke about how he made the special sauce and we really didn't wanna know well right i think what it was actually it was cold it was mrs chief special than when it came was made by ms hedh's he's just parked what better a part coast where it went to the reunion and we went out for breakfast that i told all the guys but i was hanging out with a three breakfast about the minister mrs g from the jersey shore yet these stories by the hardest i've ever elected why life when they brought that out we all looked at all our hunger results outlook volkswagen iowa coughed up a long yeah this is the canister is that house of carbs inspires you can listen to that podcasts subscribe wherever you get your podcasts and we should mention talk the thrones our new twitter show which comes on immediately after game of thrones ends on hbo life do is go to twitter go to act ringer our twitter feed or you can just type in the game it thrones hashtag and it'll be pinned it the top chris ryan any greenwald molly rubin jason concepcion all talking about the greatest show on television right now and really breaking it down like milk hyper junior charles barkley name your studio analyst jack a urine on game of thrones.

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