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Two sports jocks blaring tune sipping coffee and eating pizza in the morning. I know the pizza must be worth it back available now on your apple pod. Smart speaker Just say play KNBR. All right Fun Thursday. Get that Thursday. Five Poly Big time. Yeah, big time. It's kind of fun Week, though. There's been a good I feel like there's been a pretty good vibe like all week, and it's been kind of building so, Yeah, right now, the Thursday vibe is strong. At least I feel it. You know, Thursday night football tonight, however, that's kind of disappointing, actually, because it was like the only thing we have now it's all I have, You know. Oh, I have. We'll just go back and watch What? I heard you'd watch all in the name of the father. Yeah, Yeah, that's a good call. Four. How dare you Good on the hardwood tonight at Pauley Pavilion. You get the Bruins of five o'clock today. They really had Polly to, uh, taking on Seattle University featuring Polly Branson. School Zone Victor rack of itch. Seattle pilots. There you go. Um, kid who grew up in Mill Valley dissed Tam high for Branson and we're being the best player in the county and he got it. Got a nice little deal. If it's Seattle, that's awesome. You might go down and throw down some dunks in the house that wouldn't build to another. Yeah, well s o. So you got that at five o'clock I will watch that I will watch that, by the way. What is on the campus of U C l A to like, Just tea. Oh, what am I trying to say, so just honor his legacy, like what's the nice statue? They got that statue that sure the kids in front of it. Also all really that's cool for me to send it to you, buddy for your Yes, Sure. Sure, Sure, Sure, sure. So then I suppose with his folded he has is it's like his Jack. Benny. I'm here I am shutting out the Sam Spear generation. Like his Jack Benny Post coach. You would know the Jack Benny pose right, Justin, where he puts his hand on his helmet. His kids kids, I gotta say, Robert for the class of 89. Younger coach will be anybody in an old school like useless information. Sure, he's got some stuff. How are you in Trivial pursuit Cope pretty well. Okay. I'm already trivial pursuit. It just depends. Do you like sometimes you get random? It's in jeopardy. Sometimes you get questions. They're just acting even know who Jack Benny is and that you even know in line, but he also had his ear that we're here. Puts his hand on his project. What is the boss? Yeah, Well, he was famous for his kind of his. He would. He was the master of timing really was he was the key. And the timing involved him resting his elbow in his palm and putting his right hand on his chin. You know, the famous one of my dad raised me on, you know, he needed the big joke was how cheap he was right Copes. That was that was a big joke that he's extremely thrifty Polly. They would never spend a dime. It's a very polite word so famously in his radio show, famously, the guy comes up to him on the street and Charlotte pulls a gun, he says, your money or your life. There's a pause crowd laughs and then The Robert says again, I said, your money or your life and there's a pause and Jack Benny with his impeccable, tiny said. I'm thinking I'm thinking. There you go. Huge. Huge Hollywood laugh lines. Yeah, Polly. Yeah, that was like Sopel back then. You know what I mean? Yeah, Yeah, check. Penny. Yeah, Chip. L will tell you. He probably studied at the foot of the Jack Benny there. But anyway, that's the wooden post. He used to stand with his His kind, has rolled up program and is on his arms folded kind of more than the or the elbow in the chair more than the chin. And the hand was part of a sort of across the arm with an elk with a program rolled up, so, Yeah. Hey, Murphy is going to tell you the truth. That statue didn't come up until about 10 years ago. This is what I bring this up like, you know, the same way The Niners have like you say, like, Well, what did they do to honor Bill Walsh, Like, Technically, I believe the field is the Bill Walsh Field and I think it mean remember, haven't threw that out there at the At the Wall Service, and I've had in background info that they had no idea he was going to say that right? He just kind of lived to that college, a Bill Walsh field and now I got to get out of here. I gotta get up too young. I have an appointment yet. Tell Evan over waiting to take me on film and 12 of my closest friends. Are there any restaurants in the syriac and hit All right, By the way, we should make it known to. I don't think like we're not breaking French laundries balls were just breaking, uh, telling you, but they've gotten shrapnel on this, though. There now, no question, And I feel bad for Thomas Keller is a friend of the program. You know he's doing is trying to be the best he could be. He's like I can't be responsible right for the governor. Come over here. Preparing meals for people. You know. He could have told the governor not to come in. Yeah, but that's how do you know? How do you do that? Hey, one more note just off the board here on what's going on? Works wise, my little margins that we didn't get to college hoops Dude, shout out and copes. Put this on Twitter yesterday, the little rumbling here with your US have dons. They want again last night against a good Nevada Wolf Pack team in Reno. I'm telling you, man, it's It's time. It's high time the Dons rise up to We've been waiting for this for a long time that went over Virginia was Virginia to be right baby beating Virginia, Nevada and they have that coach who looks like he's 10. Todd Golden Remember last year? Remember, didn't knock off a pretty good Saint Mary's team last year they did, And that was really big, too. And I'm said the only regret I have about this Murph is I can't be there like with you and copes Antonella and catch a Ah, Dawn's game. Arrow. Postgame. Don so celebration of George's I'm missing. They went ahead and they built that little loft. That little bar loft situation there. Yeah, and that was a really good Was a really good addition. Librato. You could get up there. Yeah, you concoct a lit up which, you know, theoretically, the NC two way bands that stuff, But you got to get around it with up in the projects in the private bar and do it in the private bar. I went to several games like I think it was a five or six last year, and they just sell beer like in the lobby. There was that right back where you could just like, buy beer. Let's do that zit right there and watch the Cal State Bakersfield. Get what nice. Well, I stepped on a little beer. See what I mean? They got a little something. Go in there now is a kid from Branson. Is he And this might be too much. But do you know is he playing or it's funny. You mention that exact I actually went through each of their box scores so far this, okay, get mentally played in one game he started but he only played five minutes. And then that was it. So I'm hoping he didn't like, sprain an ankle or something? I don't know, because he hasn't been seen since then. So have you got any victor? Rack of itch news? Let us know. OK, we'll look into it. We'll watch tonight. I'll let you know to check it out to all right. So anyway,.

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