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That a victory So I do think that In the first part of the twenty twenty s we're going to get some major change And I think this idea that you know trump just came out. Let's get rid of the. Aca Let's have the course overturn it. I mean how. Can you do that when we need coverage at this very moment it just incoherent and when you say ten percent? I just want to put a number of that. Ten percent of Americans don't have are not covered. That's thirty million Americans thirty million. Yes and so when you're not covered when you start to feel sick you don't go to the doctor 'cause a you can't afford it You know there's the copays the deduct all the stuff but also we have eleven million wonderful immigrants who are living in this country. They don't have documents and they are scared shitless to go to the hospital the doctor for the fact that they would be arrested and removed so if when they get sick and they are afraid to get an seek help because of our system that set up against them they then they've had not only hurt their families the people around the people they love. It's it's I say. This like Republicans out of your own self interest okay. You don't love immigrants. I wish you were different. But you know what out of your own selfish interests. You want anybody who's feeling symptoms to go seek help. That's for you to protect you. Forget about them. Just protect you. You should support that and it's just. It's what we can have this conversation another time because I really. I think we can do this. I think we can do better and I think that having our health insurance tie door job which sounds good and if you have a good job and you got a good union especially you got great benefits but we've now learned as soon as the job ends boom you. The government may be giving you some unemployment insurance now. They're not giving you anything for your healthcare and it has caused a such consternation but my last question I want to ask. You was more of a global question and and Maybe you're not qualified to answer this but you must have thought about it that it seems like this virus which we don't know everything about yet. possibly happened because the habitat of certain Species I'm has been so encroached upon that. We have altered the national or the natural world. We've done that in the first world. Obviously it's done in the Third World and and in this case. Are we ever going to have the conversation? Maybe it has to be after? We're through this. I'd like to have it now. That our if we don't treat this planet differently that mother Mother Nature Loves US but it senses that we are doing things to destroy Mother Nature. Mother Nature is going to put us in the timeout room. Which is I think we're at what we're in right now but it can do far worse. I say to all the Earth's going to die note. The Earth is not going to die. The Earth will kill us before we kill it and I just think that we need to have a conversation about the why of this virus and the how it transpired and I think it's connected to all these things we care about with our environment with climate. Change all these things just just some. I haven't heard you talk much about this but I'm just curious as a citizen even Where you stand on this what you think we need to be. If you don't have the answer just get us thinking about this So I did write a piece for the Washington Post some about the issue that there are particular hot spots. Where various emerged where the mixing between people animals Who have been displaced from their habitat China. This area of China is one of them And it's a very important area that we've seen have have generated a number of These viruses SARS Being one of them So you're absolutely right that there is this Change in the relationship between animals. Humans the environment that does lead to The hopping the host transfer From in this case it appears bats to human beings And that does have to do with encroaching on environment more detail than and prolonged interaction between people and animals Where the viruses can adapt to a new host and that new hosts never seen this virus and can really really be deadly. As we've seen the same thing is true of Evola was true of how you know. That's how we got HIV. And so it's it's you're absolutely right. We have to rethink our relationship with the environment. Try to minimize these a major major disasters in. How do we stop this? You know in New York City here. The hate crimes against Chinese Americans in the last month or so. It's been I mean pretty ridiculous. Yeah so how do you? How do you as a scientist as a doctor Explain to people that is not the Chinese people you need to worry about as I say you need to worry about somebody who doesn't do anything for eight weeks when they're in charge. Yeah well I think that is prejudice and it's not It's stigma it's not very helpful to keeping US safe and it's certainly not representative of how this virus started and how it spread while I look forward to talking to again Thank you for coming on And thank you for the work. You've done all those years At the at the NIH was fourteen. Fifteen sixteen years something like that It sank you. We appreciate your service to this country. Keep telling the truth we need it. I don't mind if it's bad because it's it's I can deal with a lot of us can deal with it with the American public doesn't want to be treated like babies. We are adults and together. We've done this before in our past. We have made this a better country. We've come out of huge averse adversity. We can do it again but we need people like you leading the way telling us the truth. Keep doing that. Thank you thank you. Thank Gerhard Zico Manual Podcast is making the call and also on MSNBC ON Friday nights ten PM Eastern and Pacific Where he gets right into it. You get a full hour of this and I encourage people to listen. And also your book Thank you very much and thank everybody who listened to this podcast. I know there'll be a lot of comments. I'll pass them on to you and the rate we'll talk again soon. Thank you Mike. Take Care thank you thank you very much. Thank you for listening to this episode of Rumble with Michael Moore. I happened to be Michael Moore And I'm grateful to all of you for participating. Don't forget to watch our film. I'm the executive producer of it by Jeff Gibbs called planet of the humans. It still for free on my youtube channel. Just go the Michelmore YouTube channel. That's just ninety eight minutes long and and you will see some truths that you are not and have not been told And we present them not to not to scare the shit out of you but to say look. We are all good people. Everybody in this movement is good is good intentions. We need to come together and think about whether or not we're on the right track if you dig in and say yes that's the right track in and you don't do anything you just stay there. What if you're wrong at least if you've had a discussion and you consider multiple tracks that we might be on to save ourselves this planet? The species may be a better chance. Why would you take the risk of only one track? Who puts their eggs all in one basket? That's what we've been doing. That's gotTa stop. That's gotTa stop and To the people who are listening. Bless you thank you for yelling at US yell more civil disobedience. Make your voices heard. I'll stand with you every inch of the way and I know a lot of people listening to this podcast well to leave me your comments here on the podcast page Sent me a voicemail. You can actually send me a voicemail. I listened to all of them. And you do that. I think on the Anchor Platform and I love. Hearing from people helps me. Think about things and you will hear from me Very very soon here so until then he will be good to each other. Don't despair and wash your hands please. I love you all. Take Care Toxin.

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