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That's awesome and i love that you come from the like low inflammation food allergy angle too because sadly a lot of kids these days have food allergies that's common question i get from readers and it's not when i have a ton of experience with my son had a dairy allergy that we reversed but many readers and listeners have kids with allergies obviously it's still super important to get them to eat their vegetables to get enough nutrient dense foods so can you share some practical tips that you use in the kitchen to make it all tastes good into get people to want to enjoy it it's really experimenting a lot of different spices i think most people are pigeonholed in salt and pepper and if you the more spices you play with the morial understand your own palette to be able to make meals that you're excited about so when i go coke for clients i know nothing about their palates and usually it is pretty plain so if they're willing some of them will sit down and we'll go through in taste all these different spices and they'll tell me what they're like they don't like him we'll try combinations and then afterward i'll tell them you know this bice actually could mean this is what your body's craving in this spice could be this is what your body needs and then that connection in their mind this is not just flavor but this is actually i'm looking at nutrients they become more excited to for themselves when i'm not available to them and when it comes to clients that do have families i'm only there for a limited period of time when i might only be making meals for maybe that particular person not always the whole family so then we'll go through in all teach them how to make things in bulk using pressure cooker where something that might take hours hours now takes forty five minutes something that can be made in bulk and.

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