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But it you start the series with this one guy who joins them. Yeah. Who's new to it? But although he didn't really want to join. Whereas this is very similar concept guy joins and but he wanted to join he wanted to be a reckoner. And it's it's really the narrator who does it does fantastic different voices. Which is honestly kinda rare in audio books, usually they're especially when it comes to the women voices. Most male narrators such a crappy job, they make the women's whiny or I hate it. I'm like us, can you give someone this? It's almost insulting. And I and I listened to one Star Wars book, and they add sound effects hate that so much. I'm like don't please stop doing that. Like, they're on a star destroyer, and you can hear the star. Destroyer sounds like you don't need to do that. It's a book paint the picture with the words or the sound effects. Don't match what they're describing like he's and another blaster shot misses. And you hear like, well, there's a whole bunch of lasts for shots. But he talk. About he takes one shot. And you hear the Joe Judy. I like stop it. I can't stand that. I always said things always the way knowing me the particularly in the next generation was particularly favors for this is where Picard with tell wolf to shoot something in a particular way, or in a particular place. And then wolf would just not do it at right? So so he would say those are the ones that I think when the early ones where they met in the book, and they have you read the book tract to be thing that used to pull chunks out the ship. Oh. Mr Wolf destroyed the source of the factory and wolf is the phases. And just basically blows a completely different of the of the book eve way. I makes you stop. And you just think not do what you're tell us. Exactly. That's why it's called an older is because you're expected to do what you will. I'm enjoying the book. I've never read or in this case, listen to a superhero type of let's say hold on. Sorry. I've never read a superhero type of book like this. I like comic books, but this is different. And I'm really enjoying it. It's more science fiction than anything. I think but it's good. It's really good. I if I remember I'll send you a link sometime, I'm sure it's fell to the much from Las we chess John Johnny Micheals, Johnnie my did she say enjoyed. He did I was going to mention that as well. Yep. I'm currently watching. About twenty minutes into episode seven season three of the grant tour we were discussing this a little bit before we started recording. We're both obviously a huge fans that they were general top gear. I don't like the new one that much. They've had some good stuff. But on a whole. Yeah. So I just started showing the new season of toki here at the this is the lost season. The we'll have Matt LeBlanc in as they as the late already announced. He's leaving. He's over. They've already announced that this is going to be his loss. One. And it's he's actually not been too bad on some of them when he doesn't play the character of Joey which he calls into too often when he doesn't do that. And his actual passion for cars, come out it's much better. But the problem is is that desperately trying to recreate the trio formula whether you will get along in their racquet on each other. And it just doesn't come across his no just I buy it. And so yeah, they're gonna replace. We're gonna replacement up level with an England fisker cricketer. I'm Jay Flintoff, an British comedian paddy McGuinness who currently both big coffins. And then the Rory Reid is like the the youngest guy. He's in the the three of them. He's going back to doing like a sideshow like an extra show relevant being mine presents a with the plan for next season with this season is still the same Fulmer, and it's kind of the same. It's still very runny on even in rough. What they should have done is other than the comedian guy..

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