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Watching people watching. I watched people the same time. They're watching me when I'm warm. I'm not in a trance dance. Yeah well sometimes I am but I also I notice what moves people you can actually physically feel people. Being moved a certain way. That's how we pace is ourselves as actors to you feel the room going. ooh move along. You know you can actually feel it. It's a thing that to me as a service because in the end you take the sum total of the VIBE. You're feeling and you say okay guys. I'm going to give you this now and people. I get your spirited spirited away. Yeah you are. That's that's it like like live entertainment grade live. Entertainment is my babbling Brook. It's my it's my retreat in many ways Jerry Gerry Lopez calls the Santa Fe shows the healing. And he's right man at the end of that show you feel better than when you walk down. Yeah and I can go see that a million times even see the same set that list and I. I never leave going too bad. I went to see Jerry. Lopez like who's going health copy move by China's Marlins or Tyrique interesting enough wounded far. Believe me I mean that's a real thing and it's in that small room I brought from my family was in town recently. I I took them to see them and they were truly early. Blown away everything they were more than these guys with those guys. It's it's like he says it's the spirit and he's another one he doesn't phone it in in an he's fully present when he performs I think is so important. You Know Vegas gets this weird rap for being plastic bigger fake or. Oh you're a lounge singer and then if you just give it a minute and go see these people perform. They're giving it their all their fire. They sing circles around every a single person. I can think of Who WanNa Grammy this year and I am? I'm proud of it. I'm proud to live here and this coming show. is they like the vocal power. I know I said it before. But it's beyond me on right so bad. Thanks once more to Michelle Johnson for joining us. This week on podcasts as always. We'll be back next Monday. And every Mondays he'll be sure to subscribe to the show where you're listening. What is happening in mccollum? You might be asking yourselves well. Wayne Newton picked up a court victory in his ongoing effort to reclaim his possessions. At Cassidy Shenandoah. Newton had sold the property years ago but was leasing it for his museum which was closed in two thousand eighteen left behind. Were such items as a microphone. Your phone given to him by Frank Sinatra Violin from Jack. Benny and many costumes made by his mother. The current owners say day bought those items and have been told they're not authorized to sell or move the possessions until this case is solved the next court date is March Fourth Lady Gaga has love interest from New Year's Eve at nomad restaurant has been identified. Michael Polanski is a Tech Entrepreneur Rennes facebook cofounder. Sean Parker's business interest actress. I took video of the two kissing to usher in twenty twenty as Brian. Newman's ban played all lang sign. Derrick Stevens is opening bar Canada at the De Las Vegas on March sixteenth. It's a Canada and NHL Theme Sports Bar and Sports Wagering Annex on the hotel's tells second-floor Derek tells me why closing de Showroom and it's lineup of production shows was a good idea derek. Off of dancing with the stars ours is headlining a new residency. Show no limit at Flamingo. Showroom beginning June the second and running through November seven huff stance production runs prior to Rupaul drag race. Live at the theater where Donny and Marie once headlined for all that and more read cats. That closes out another episode of PODCASTS. Thank you Frankie Marino for our theme song the biggest cat impound keep up with me or try to on the review journal website or at Johnny cats on twitter at Johnny cats one on instagram and tune in next Monday to the next installment installment of podcast. But I'm the biggest cat..

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Jerry Gerry Lopez, Marlins, Wayne Newton discussed on PodKats! Las Vegas Entertainment

PodKats! Las Vegas Entertainment 3 months ago

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