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You're talking about our favorite game of the year. Army navy is a man who was a captain at army served three tours in Afghanistan earned the bronze star medal of valor. We take too long to go over all all the things that he did for our country as an army ranger in Alejandro Villanueva of Pro Bowl less. Tackle the Pittsburgh. Steelers joins us now here on herbstreet and Fitzsimmons and one hundred this we're not talking Steeler ball, man. We're talking army navy, and that's it about what you learned. What you got what it means to us? So let's start right there. When you hear the words army navy, what immediately comes to mind immediately. I feel the pressure that the school is is put in on on the players to win that game because the rivalry is Israel. I mean, I think the two degree. I'm not going to speak for for the entire rest of the program. I'm not gonna speak for the rest of the the graduates, you know, but. If army's not a lot of play, you know with his new college playoff and. With limited. You know, a attention of again because of the the system of the plan for a lot of players for a lot of graduates. The army navy game is more important than the rest of the season. I mean is is that important so. Pressure is essentially what I feel. That's considering everything that you did for our country. Just I surprise me. That's the first thing that comes to mind because you you felt real life pressure like bullets pressure. How much does army navy prepare you for any type of adversity? Just just going to a military academy going, you know being there. How much does that prepare you for any adversity that you'll face in any weather walk of life? Well, I mean, you gotta understand it. The navy players also phase him bullets as well. It's been you know, obviously, you have a lot of respect for the Marine Corps. Does a a wave of navy polo players that are now joining the marines and nothing that's extremely inspired. And I'm very very honored to play the game against. Marine officers, and obviously, fire pilots, and and officers that have that fought alongside of me, and you know. Great things for our country. And so that's why you know, all the pain goes away. You know, I it's it's, you know, both men on the field are going to face the same degree the same type of challenges. And so now all because about football. You know is not so much about what's coming out thirds. Just the game the game that you play in right now. And it's a lot of pressure. But I mean, I think football in general, it's a really good thing for. For for for young leaders growing up. Now the accepting criticism. Dealing with the pressure of the intensity all eyes on you type thing, and, you know, learning from mistakes learning from, you know, maybe not getting what you want and put it in a plan, you know, to to get where you want to go. So football's a beautiful thing. There's a lot of parallels that get drawn between clean football war being an officer leader and and whatnot. And I think that there's a lot of truth behind some of those some of those payments. He's decorated with the bronze star a served three different tours afghanistani's a Pro Bowl left tackle for the Pittsburgh Steelers, and he played and let me get straight defensive line own line tight end, and you were wide receiver at two hundred ninety pounds and to get all the positions. You do. You. Didn't you didn't lineup under center, right? No, I didn't. I never I never played tight end. When I was at army. I just play wide receiver and tight end was more an experiment or more than that wants to try to. What what is it when you're in the tunnel and its army navy like we have this Saturday. Just describe the adrenaline the feeling when you're about to take the field. Well, I mean, first of all your classes, they're going to be watching, you know, your world when you're cadet does not revolve around a huge campus. A lot of fans it doesn't revolve around. People on ESPN that maybe, you know, talking about you because you know, obviously, it's a little more limited coverage, and you don't get to watch ESPN. Or any other channels on your West Point? So everything revolves around your classmates, and obviously the entire. All the midshipmen from the naval academy..

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