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I want anything to do with this. I totally shutting off to think about you know things that I want to do to be more productive during this time so I made kind of list of what what have I been wanting to learn about or wanting to work on that. I haven't had the time to in the past so I came up with three things. That descended work on photography. Actually have a really Nice Cameron and and kind of just starting to learn how to use it and I wanted to get a lot better at it. I also want it to get better at taking photos at myself for Wichmann traveling alone. 'cause it's such a weird thing like it's not natural. I think for most people to one photograph themselves in. Yeah well I don't know white by purposes my website instagram. It's kind of relevance I need to learn so I started taking a lot of skills. Share some skills sure sheer skill. Yes Kosher classes and courses on photography and videography because I want to start doing videos as well to compliment website and then I just started like baking bread learning how to Lake Nigga sour dough starter which take seven days. Mind you seven days to make life. Yeah now I have time. I had noticed the only challenging thing is here in the Czech Republic. They have all these different kinds of flowers than are nothing like not purpose lower. It's not breaded. Wow it's whatever like we have in the states or Canada so there was this whole egg learning process of okay. What does this one for? What works best for this or whatever I think I figured that out which is great and Yeah so I got my sorter native past the seven days. It's alive. It smells gross but it made some really nice bread so. I'm very proud like I've made too massive. Do Rents whatever and also some like. Nice fermented bag which sounds terrible. But it's so nice like really good..

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