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To choose to have that health insurance and most people sign up and take it because it's an added benefit that they get for war crimes or somebody and that gives you a point person that deals with at least in theory deals with most of what we're talking about yes for you then there's gonna be some type of humorous HR yeah right that that they're going to work for and that's fine but not everybody has access to group sponsored health insurance right through their employer not everybody has an access to health insurance period you know there's there's you know we've had periods of times in the past for people just weren't able to get health insurance prior to a bomber Kerr in the affordable Care Act itself well I would I still remember having to go and look up the price for what are the plans the cobra plan says oh my gosh she was cheaper just to wrap myself in bubble wrap and spray the house with Lysol and not move it was ungodly well there was the pre existing condition clauses that were in a lot of these health insurance plan right that's why a lot of people opted for cobra and it can be extremely expensive so you think about what about the folks though that are leaving an employer whether it be you're going off to greener pastures are you're retiring for the first time for you know in this you've worked your entire life and now it's time for retirement what why do they hand you a cardboard box and there's a security guard standing there whatever happened and that's where and in the fall to the employers of America because I'm an employer myself but you know when the employee leaves the organization the responsibility is to the current employees so there isn't a lot there for the retirees and now you're put on to the silent and you have to sign up potentially for Medicare how does that work what are the necessary steps I should take who do I call and talk to and then once I do that I didn't find out lone behold that Medicare doesn't cover all my health insurance needs it only covers potentially up to eighty percent of it so how do I about eighty percent of what can be instantly astronomical numbers well just think about what it costs to get an X. ray done or an MRI the out of the total out of pocket costs for ninety thousands of dollars you know most people retirement are on fixed incomes you know not everybody that we visit with has denounced ten fifteen thousand dollars sitting in a piggy bank to be able to pay the out of pocket costs for an MRI so what does everybody do everybody then looks to get a supplemental insurance policy to help cover the other twenty percent right that's for medi connect comes into play for those folks are on Medicare in for folks that are on the individual market place that don't have access to group health insurance that are utilizing health care doc of like me obamacare exactly the affordable Care Act will you can go online and you can search these policies and and and trying to determine which is the best fit for you or you can work with an independent representative the beauty of it is a that we aren't charging an additional fee for that service we're already compensated by the carriers that our clients choose to do business with so that's what I like so much about what we do now versus maybe my previous life when I was a financial visor so it doesn't cost me anything for you to do this work right in that and their own everybody always says aw come on you know what's what well you saw me look up right I don't know I don't know what I don't know nothing nothing's for free I totally get that and you're right we are compensated but we're being compensated by those carriers and that compensation does not effect the plan that you have so whether you call direct to high marking purchased you know a Medicare advantage plan or whether you work direct with many connect it's the same exact plan the same exact premium the same exact benefits the only difference is Highmark makes a little bit less in profit margins because now they're compensating in an organization like ours to be a bride manage in service the needs of the customer as it happens every year that's gonna be changes it's the same plastic card to carry around in your wallet it's the same plastic regarding right the only added benefit to is now you have a representative that can actually call and will be with you and ask questions on behalf of you with the organization help answer you know some questions concerns you might have claims things of that nature there's so many things that come up outside of just premium is the well it almost goes back to what we the HR person it sounds like going to Medicare medic you're getting your own point person to deal with stuff is actually stuff they can be incredibly complex and changing from one year to the next that's the part I don't get and I will almost got suckered into that there was nothing wrong with the plan I had last year and didn't it did everything I wanted it to do and there was a part of the sand and I just know if I don't sign up to leave me in the same plan but then I remember what he said plans change from one year to the next even if the card logo stays the same I hear it every single day somebody because I'm walking down the hall hits me with a story that happened you know it's just taken last week I I forget who was at the office but their meeting somebody in Washington County and the issue was the dental provider so yes the plan offered dental benefits but to Dennis that this individual had gone to for years and years and years was it was an in the plant wasn't in the plan so when they purchase the plan when they called the Kerr director what the questions that they ask of me asking who their PC P. was further specialises in the hospital are gonna go to that has nothing to do with getting a root canal well it's all good information to have but it's not relevant to to get a cleaning you're right exactly so and that's just one small microcosm of you know issues that we deal with every single day people that you know is thinking of another one you know somebody that was on oxygen you know you have the durable medical equipment benefits that you get inside these plants well there's different providers right there's gonna be different sources of organizations to provide those canisters and that makes a difference to somebody is on oxygen every day yeah simple is how you get oxygen that if it's not it's not that simple there's a lot more details behind it there if you just confused me Joe and give Sony has a question this is going to need to be quick we may need to answer it after I don't want to lose Joe though Joe you there Joe yes hi what's your question my question is I need I I need some information regarding my R. D. prescription I'm not sure that I want to stay with people that I've been with which is I don't want to say the name of it online okay I am trying to find out which part de um and the Medicare prescription which would be better for me this coming year because I they put a hefty price online dating with one company that I've been with for a long time the part B. thank you for calling in and I'm getting the red blinking lights only have about a minute here but this is what I recommend you do as any asked earlier what is the value in the benefit of many can act this is where we come into play so in situations where you have a part D. prescription plan it's somewhat pricey you want to make sure that you're looking at all of your options in those options are limited to the areas that we live in you want to make sure that you're talking to a representative they can give you all of those options and more importantly find out specifically your prescription drugs and what your specific needs are and that's obviously something we can't do online here right now but this is what I would recommend doing if you have a pen and paper available just take down okay take down our number it's eight eight eight eight one eight six three three four and as soon as you hang up here call them because we have representatives are live right now to actually answer your specific question for you okay that works fine for me thank you yes ma'am thank you I'm glad you're here because as she started getting and information is like I don't even know what that means please and that's why we have the live representatives because I I couldn't specifically answer the right question in her question why not exactly as she was talking about general terms Joe the number you call is eight eight eight eight one eight six three three four I'm gonna Brian pricing or the president of medic to medic to you can call or text the way I did I tell you about mushi mushi mushi mushi that's the night I hate to drag you into it but that's that's that we can get in that in politics in the second half of the wire you now you're doing a good thing what you're doing here helps people what I do later doesn't help anyone KDKA radio let's say you just bought a house.

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