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A long weekend or if you took three hours and the rich are so fast at figuring out any loophole so now the highest percentage of kids in America who get on-time testing are the most high zip codes in America. Greenwich yes cards of La and suddenly. Everybody's this kid has six different learning disabilities in this trump era. It was these Democrats and these Hollywood celebrities for for all the good progressive causes that they were the ones self petard hoisted. I have always said that college admissions is the rubber hitting the road for Rep progressive. And we talked about long time with my mother on fire as well. I love that well. We were parents and Van Nuys as a studio musician. What's the quickest way to get to the valley? Mary musician writer that we completely were caught unawares and I would have sent my kids to private school. Well if I could. I just couldn't afford it and couldn't get them in but when talking to other liberal progressive parents at all the La Times book events and all of the parties as with the discharge nate Cetera et Cetera. Language was it was never a private school. It was always an independent school to sounds like right on target and the reason that we are sending our child to John Dewey Mulholland willows. Say on the mountain is because we wanted independent thinking and diversity versity. Yeah but the local schools are seventy five percent Latino. They're not diverse enough because there are two Latino there to Mexican and Guatemalan but the limousine liberals or whether it would be that Acura. I don't even know what the fancy car the Tesla hybrid imports. delectable carcass are better than you upset that liberal but they never called it it was which is a little bit of a cfo be it was always in service of their child all that was gifted and they just didn't want their kids to be among English learners because they had learned somewhere appear related the their child's English learning developed both parents have PhD's in English and learn plenty of good English. Just look at a publication like so many of the top liberal publications out of New York that really really really espoused liberal politics boy. Their editors all their kids go to expensive private schools New York Times. Yes yes David. remix kids go to the local public school. Hey James Bennett. At at the time I didn't go to the local public school walk. And you talk about diversity. It's a curated diversity wind. Oh we want African Americans. We won African American kids. That are from the hood but we want them vetted very thoroughly. We want that admissions person to have shaken them upside down and sideways. We may even even want a third party. There's these nonprofits like a better chance that helps identify. We WanNA make sure that they're not that kind of African American kid. Yeah we want you know the right kind. And then of course the kid who's just there to get his education is also there to provide it'd diversity experience for the rich white kids so they can say our child doesn't see color right and then about the La realities. When I was sending my kids to elementary school we were looking at a house over here and I said well? What is the elementary school? She said. Oh it's vantage it. Never send them. Don't even think about why right he's all Hispanic and she said but if you buy on the other side of the street that's the district for Third Street school. Oh but you'd Never WanNa go there. Why all Asian? They're super competitive. So the Hispanics perceived to be not strong enough for your genius the Asians not. They got their hustle on your kids. Missile ever survive. You need some curated diversity up just the reality of liberal liberal liberal to go back to felicity huffman felicity. Here's what's going on. I don't know how much you followed her mothering website. What the flicker which close goes down immediately after she was arrested? I didn't okay so her thing. On what the flow. The tone of it is we all love. Our Kids Ed's motherhood has gotten crazy. Take some shortcuts. That's the whole essence of what the flick like you know. What if those other mothers WANNA show up? And unlike Carpool to the thing and bring all desserts. For God's sakes let them do it. And if you're supposed to like handknitted Cape for the play and you've got an extricate for God's sakes she just took the what the flicker approach one step too far like if you're doesn't do well on the sat just have have someone take it doesn't get someone to take. She just did not realize immersed she was or or in a way in a way it was the highest testament to what the flip thinking. You know now that she's out of jail she should be like what the flick into the maximum whereas yes I had to go to the slammer but it was just just like a camp and me and Martha Stewart and the Don suits like you win some you lose a lot of people are like. Oh she's the least involved of any evident. It did seem on the one hand I talked to an FBI guy about what these rates are like. All of them are basically you kick open the door if they don't open it. You flood the house because there could be someone in backer destroying documents. Everyone's like sleeping in their getting a SWAT team. So it's like is that too much and I see where they could be coming from. Where when the whole system is so corrupt what made her plan more corrupt? And there's a lot of talk now in La that apparently this always always gets exaggerated among parents top. Private schools didn't do very well with early action and early decision this year at the Ivy League colleges and there's been some talk that the Ivy League colleges want to teach a lesson to these. La Rich people. Not that. I think it's going to affect everything in the ultimate decisions at the end but are kind of saying we are not just going to close on your bullshit anymore. We're GONNA keep an eye on you all the way through before we give any admissions. I just think it got the attention of the admissions missions. Offices of what coaches were doing and it just showed how easily the system was manipulated.

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