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Time to be alive because ladies and gentlemen. It's craft week. And we are all excited about heading down Nashville Thursday for the start of the draft Thursday, Friday, Saturday going to be on ESPN and ABC this year. So you can't get away from it just know that you will be completely immersed in our draft experience. So breaking down. We'll get to the NBA what happened over the weekend just a little bit. But we're delighted to be joined in studio by now boy, a former NFL GM might Tenenbaum joining us giving us the straight talk. Brought to you by straight talk wireless. Best phones, best networks, no contracts. He's also very good hiker a couple of years ago. NFL Mike's family and Adam schefters family all wanna high competitive peak. Right. We did. And I think the verb. I survived it. I wouldn't say accelerate say more pinnacle peak, I have a place just few. Pinnacle back part of that is called the Widowmaker back part of that one. Yeah. Well. Survivals the name. Gotta get there. And by the way, as a GM in a coach better survived the draft and doing it the right way. Because that is a big problem. Mike, I have labeled this part of the season lying season in the NFL. Right. You know, how this goes? There's a lot of things that are put out there that may not be accurate or maybe misleading to sort of help your team in the position you are in the player you wanna draft. So how loose with the truth? Were you at times when dealing with the media, not saying, you're flat outline, but maybe throwing smokescreens one way or the other, you know, coach Parcells my mentor. He so he's talking about he's Mr. T, we're in the business of collecting information, not exchanging it, and truly that's what you're doing this time of year. You're really trying to collect information. And we're just telling a story about Durell Rivas going back to the seventy and Marty hurting ironically who still the GM and the Panthers we had talked a couple of times about, hey, we're at twenty five we'd like to move up to fourteen for one player, and we basically had an agreement principle for what was going to turn out to be our first round pick, which was twenty. Five and are around which was fifty nine. If this one player was there turned out to be a great win win. We were able to go up and get rebus. They actually drafted in the first round John zombies. Linebacker and then Ryan Kalil. At fifty nine. So it was a great win win. And that was just an example of hey, three days before the draft. Here's actually what we're doing. We're making calls, and there was a lot of trust there where you know on the clock. He was going to ask some more or we were going to try to trade up for less when do call start like that. And how much can you actually pull off before your back's against the wall? And you're on the clock during the draft really goes back to trust. Because Marty was a guy that I done a lot of work with. So those calls really worked for us here a little bit too. Well, that's probably why. So those calls are actually starting right now. Thursday's the first day of the draft. So yesterday today, you're five ten spots ahead five ten spots below. You're having those conversations you try and collect information. And I say like when you have the privilege of one of these jobs. You're the point guard of information you're going back to your head coach you're going back to your owner and say, okay, hey, we had three cores that year. We had Aaron Ross Leon hall from Michigan. And we said, right? We want to get one of these three corners. And here's the price. It's gonna take a we comfortable giving up our second round pick to go up and get the real reebus felt good about it. It was Coachman Jeanie. And we obviously went ahead. And that that's a trade that worked out talking to Mike tantamount with us in studio here on Golic and wingo. How often does it go down like that? And then how often because we see so many of these big draft day trades. How often can it just be certain things happen that we're outside of your control that all of a sudden you're reacting to on the fly. Yeah. That happened a couple of years ago. Mike with Laremy Tunsil. You know, we're sitting there. Oh, yeah. With the thirteenth pick in the draft and Tennessee, you know, they had the first pick for a long time. And everyone's like, oh, they're gonna take Tunsil. They need to tackle. And we're sitting there at thirteen just hoping to get a good player. Adam gates, his first year, Chris cours, Joel manager. And then also like, oh, my God eight nine ten and unfortunately, St. Rosser owner, case grit were also right there, and we're like, wow. This is unbelievable opportunity. Obviously he had made a mistake. But you know, we fell back on our preparation, and we've got what we felt was the best player in the draft at thirteen for those that don't know the Laremy Tunsil story that was the one where former agent or social of his put out the video of him smoking weed in a gas mask bomb, basically, that's why I say draft. That's why I say the draft is the ultimate reality. And so he dropped to in that time period when he was dropping did you call him and ask him about it. Or did you just go on your your research? You no, Mike scrape point. We were getting as much information as we could we felt good about our preparation and our sources we reach out to him and his represented. And it was a good kid who had made a mistake. Now you fast forward. He's playing forty four games. Great. And he's a great teammate. Good example, too of like, hey, when you're young person sometimes you make mistakes that happens. But when you look at all the information, we had we felt really good that we knew that. This guy was an elite player, and we can get him in our building. You know, it would be good move for us. So with that in mind because no one was prepared to see that video when it was released and the way it came out in twenty seventeen in Chicago. I always call the draft alternate reality television show because there is no script. Nobody knows what's going to happen. How weird is it? Like starting now in going through Saturday when you have literally no idea what may or may not pop up in the call. You may or may not get. Yeah. That's exactly right. And one thing I can tell you for sure that's one hundred percent certain is if you're seeing there eight or six players you love, right? Correct. Twelve there's ten that you have to have it always works out that way. So you just want to be prepared within reason that hey, let's go up a couple of spots. Maybe we'll move back. But when you want to move back the phone never rings like it always seems to work out that way. So it is the ultimate reality show. That's what makes it fun at. Yo you just want to come out of it. We always say, hey, let's get you know, four or five really good players at a good fit for a locker room. And if anything that happens, that's great. But they're so little of this that you actually can't control. I'm so interested. You talked about falling back on your preparation with a guy like Laremy Tunsil. And as important as tackles are they're not quarterback. So we. Know you're judged differently. When it comes back to vision. What is the difficulty in Scott a quarterback because we're hearing all this stuff about Daniel Jones on the giants. Now, a guy who has climbed up draft boards almost inexplicably. What is it about that position? That makes it so difficult for front offices coaches to all come together and agree on Mike. I think it's a developmental position. And he just don't get enough reps. And I give Sean McVeigh and the Rams so much credit because if you look at Jared Goff when he was drafted. He was drafted by defensive coach Jeff Fisher his first year five touchdown center interceptions. He came in. He had every right to say, hey, you know, what this guy is a good enough. We're gonna move on. But in your to he goes from five touchdowns to twenty eight. They went eleven games and there were three quarterbacks in the first round, Mahomes Trubisky and Watson, and he passed it all three, and if I'm Steve and cliff Kingsbury, I'm looking at Josh Rosen the same way I'm saying that this guy he won three games as a starter. It was below average, obviously. But in year two I got cliff Kingsbury now an offensive. Head coach and why not try to you know, coach him and get him. Better. A thousand percent agree. I liked Roseanne coming out of college. I couldn't agree more as far as Mike just brought up Daniel Jones in the case. We're at right now when you as a team zero on someone and say, okay, we have a quarterback need. We think he's a franchise quarterback. But you have to picks you chance that that a guy like that is going to be there at seventeen or you just say everything else be damned we know. It's probably too high for them. But we gotta take him at six. We think he's our guy. Yeah. I think if you go back to two thousand fourteen I think that's really instructive for the giants. We look at what the Vikings did. They took Anthony Barr at nine, and then they came back and took teddy Bridgewater at thirty two. Right. You know, if you go back a few years know Baltimore did that in three when they took Terrell suggs. And then they came back and took bowler. So there's a lot of examples or even the Browns have done that a couple of times. So I think you gotta play the board. If you look at the giants they were thirtieth last year in sack so they can get a pressure play. Or at six where the draft is loaded and then maybe come back and take the Jones at seventeen. Now. You you pair that with Barclay you get site ler. Like, I think that's a better more efficient way of going because I think the strength of the draft is in the front seven. So to me if you get that pressure played six that's a great place to start because there are a couple of on the quarterback needy teams ahead of seventeen you have to be ready to maybe jump up if you really want Jones after that. Yeah. No doubt about like, I've always been a philosophy. If you like a player, and it checks all the boxes. Character ability. Go up and get them it. Listen, it exactly. Right. Because at the end of the day, if he if he turns out to be what you thought he is then nobody cares. That's exactly right. I listen. We know you gotta run because we gotta do some other stuff we stop and by Mike Tannenbaum, whether it's by the way, he'll be part of the SPN radios draft covering all three days ghosts, get out get out of available to heighten anytime. Skills are experience. Underrated movie up the draft hikers..

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