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A related trend so slow hurricanes longer to move overland longer to pass through that could be very bad for the amount of rain they can drop weller the on the amount of time these high winds spend over land ripping roofs off buildings and doing other types of damage that's been a ten percent slowdown in the speed that they post crossland in the last few decades since nineteen forty nine and that's also let temp sent more rain falling over van when the hurricanes hit and the wind speeds within the still pretty high yes this isn't really about a decrease in the wind speed itself but on the the speed at which the policy of the hurricane would move over land a scientists not really sure why this is they suspect it might be linked to climate because that he suggests that patterns of atmospheric circulation in general in the tropics might be slowing as a result of climate but some models don't show the same effect so people sort of scratching their heads about why this could be the case okay thanks carrie you're listening to the science from the bbc with me money chesterton still to come more on groundbreaking cancer treatments this time look at immuno therapies ones that use and boost your own immune system the smalltime retailers in kenya who were using a mobile phone app to bypass the wholesalers an odor that produce straight from the grow is and we will know just what disgust feels like could this powerful emotion bohol nist to stop the spread of disease they've gone to villages and they've said look here is fecal matter on the ground here's pooh on the ground do you realize that you're actually drinking that if you're not using a toilet so the hair into some poo and then dip it into the loss and then offer the glasses somebody to drink and the immediate response is oh that's so disgusting as a very powerful visceral response we promise that interviews not to disgusting my studio guest today is kerry smith features editor at nature magazine and carry you'll bringing us news of research about mysterious planet nine yes does this giant body exist at the fringes of osceola system.

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