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Themselves. You know and so they were asking for some work in some engagement. i mean they. They have working engagement but that they enjoy. And that's showing up now For them so I love that love that and dabbed the guests in the that come on you know twice at once a month away they come on but they are also wanting to a. Yeah but we. You know the for the three months at the moment. That's the way it's going because it's nice to have that sort of tribe you know people who actually have witnessed you and seeing you go through a transition and and to have that intimacy Sort of with with yourself. And so i invite people to really Connect with them selves step in to their life step up and step out and share their genius with the world. And that's what they're doing and we'll see cossio used the word dancing a lot. You use it as a metaphor you used it in your book dancing with riches tell us what dancing means to you and saying to me means being connected with your rhythm and no matter what the music is no matter what. The dance floor is no matter who the partner is if there is. There isn't one the dances always yours. The music may change. The party may change the dance when they change the. When you are connected with your vibe your rhythm then you are recognizing what the riches are in your life and you are willing to engage with them. And if it's a waltz or tango or if it is just a guide then you begin enjoying the rhythm of the riches in your life and so that's what dancing with riches is about and. Why did you decide to write that book. You know i was I was writing a book called dancing with riches years ago. And it was about communicating with you and then pull the seven steps to flow is communication popped up and it was a really small book. This book was like you know. And so i chose to write this book because i wanted to. Share with people have lived in three countries. I speak several languages. I engage with people multicultural. People around the world. I have The reaches that this planet is you know that the many colors in cultures and languages you know people choose maybe religions and and things but if we're not excluding anything or anyone in we have such a wealth of accessability To really rich cultures and food and an an tastes and smells and visual aspects. And if we are willing to live our lives not just exist and survive but thrive than even if we're sitting in our home thanks to technology like i'm seeing you now and hearing you and talking with you Then that enriches us and and it ignites our capacity really To fly yeah next book dancing with riches and then flying with the birds are okay dancing and then flying. Yeah yeah yes you did you. Did you have a story about bullying casts where mine would've added difference. Yes i love that. I just wanted to say that. So i talk about actually. A lot of my experiences about relationship with self relationship with your body have had a lot of experiences with bodies in my body. So i share my stories relationship with other people to marriages and you know one still going. Who knows. it's been only only been twenty two years but who knows you know might shake. It seems working for me Relationship with money relationship with business just all those areas and how you can utilize the tools of access to create more in each and every one of those areas in your life. So that's what that is a about and You know bruce. I have experienced bullying. I've probably experienced some of the things that we even call sexual abuse however i didn't recognize it as that like converting the negative into the positive Because i was very clear about what i desired to get out of the situation and it was always me. You know because if i am able to connect with me and to not diminish myself that'll be a contribution to the world so even in the first grade I was bullied by these two girls. You know and they Yeah they would make me walk though all. Walk them home to and go around. I didn't really I didn't really know that it was. My house was so much closer. You know i see and And i was bullied in In my first year of high school. Emma to the oldest public high school in in the us at boston latin school. I was bullied by these girls. You know i was a bit And they would pretend to you. Know they bump into me and push me and i wasn't willing to be diminished. I tried so hard to pretend. I didn't notice it. I tried so hard to be really kind to them right. But i wasn't willing to be part of their Their crowd either and because they weren't kind and a lotta times with bullying and we talk about this also in acts as a lot of times with bullying if they take you into their group then you star bullying people as well you know. This was not what i was choosing so i was amazing student in in high school and I stopped them. i stopped him from bullying. Might my sisters boyfriend at the time was a black belt in karate. Kid is to him. How do this. How do i stop them. Is i think they're going to beat me up. You know and so he said you have to be willing to push them back.

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