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Stations. All breathe. Mark Blazer show. Welcome in. You know, this is isn't this just perfect? I look up, Josh, and you and I were talking about this last hour. I look, I walk into the studio and I see up on the T V Texas governor calling for immediate reform on power supply in Texas, and I thought to myself. This is perfect, right? I mean, Unbelievable. Unbelievable. Yeah. Windmills don't work during ice storms. Imagine them. Well, yeah, it's a walk in and just see that and well, he's live right now. Actually. Andre? Yeah, I just pulled the old man. I mean, people were using. There's a story about a mom and her kid that died from They were using their cars heater to try to keep their house warm. And they died of carbon monoxide poisoning. They're that desperate to get warm down there. Yeah, it's awful man. Totally. Oh, my gosh. I totally awful, You know, they do deal a lot down there with, you know, there's heavy rains and so on. Will plague those areas in Texas. And so you wonder how many of them have those genera ax or something along those lines that can power? Ah, whole home. General, we know they're not cheap. For starters, but I mean to have that right now clearly would be worth its weight in gold. Of course, depending on you know the area where you would be. You could see people kind of moving into those areas and stealing those Whatever, depending on how you hook them up and how simple they already use. I don't know the first thing about him, but gosh, man, it's just really sad. What's going on there? But it's interesting that the governor there is calling from here. That's the Yes. Isn't that the way something hits and then you go? We gotta We gotta fix that. But you know what? Fix it because it's probably gonna happen again at some point. All right. Let's welcome in from the entertainment, reported ABC News Entertainment correspondent Jason Nathan's and joining us now and, hey, Jason, Welcome in And as we all know that country starting this has been kind of quiet for the last few days, several days. Country star Morgan Wall in remaining on top of the Billboard album charts. Even though all of the controversy and such that is surrounded him. This is interesting. Yeah, he's number one. This is for 1/5 week. Now, the first three weeks he was number one was before the controversy happened. Fourth week he was number one was after the controversy happened. But it happened in kind of the middle of that reporting week for billboards, so you couldn't really count it to get a true sense of how it was affecting the sales and then So now we have a first full week since the controversy. And in that first full week, his streaming took a hit that was down a little bit because of radio airplay. And because he was Morgan loves music was pulled off of playlist on Spotify and and other places as well. But interestingly His sales. The sales of the album were up 49%. So that's pretty significant and seems to me to say that his fans are supporting him while the industry might not But his fans are saying, you know, we're still gonna buy his music and support him no matter what. Yeah, And you know, when all of this started, I was, you know, you hear all of this Spotify and, you know, obviously apple, iTunes and so on. And you hear all of this stuff about you know, they're gonna pull all of his stuff. And so on and so forth, because they don't want to quote unquote. They look at that, as may be viewed as they're supporting him and you know of him using the N word. Clearly, they don't want to be supporting supportive. They don't want to even be associated with him at that point. But, you know, it's like kind of let let the people decide if he dies because of that, Then he screws his own career up kind of a thing, And it seems like there's a little bit of that here. But yet that really wasn't coming to pass. I mean, people like you said his fans. Really supporting you coming out in droves at this point? Well, it's a decision that you can kind of be right in the middle and let the fans decide if you're a company like Spotify or Apple. Whoever you don't want unnecessary, necessarily be seen as supporting his music. Right now, and that's that's the financial choice for them, right? They don't They don't want people to say. Well, we don't support you now because you support him, but the music is still out there. You can't necessarily pull it. I mean, I guess you could pull it from shelves but even digitally, um, you know, again, let that be kind of litmus test and the fans have spoken and said You know, we're we're definitely going to support him. Even though which is kind of surprising Wall in himself said. Don't defend me last week, he said in a in a five minute video apology in which he did. He went through everything, and he said that you know he was absolutely wrong. He's learned in the last week why he was wrong. He's talked to black leaders and black organizations, and they've There. He's got a great lesson on what he did. And why. Why he what he did was wrong. And he said to people that are defending him. Look, don't I don't want you to defend me. This was wrong here on DSA. Oh, maybe that has something to do with it as well. Maybe that was that was enough for fans, you know, Or maybe on the fence today, Okay? He seems sincere here. So we're going toe Chalk this up to a mist Ake. You know this plays into the whole overall thing of cancel culture, which you know so many people have been talking about is if somebody makes a mistake, do you? You burn him forever, Or, you know, is it just that one time or when do you let him back? And you know it's kind of what we're dealing with. Is a society fascinating to me that you know he does that apology video. He's asking them not to defend him. And you might be onto something there. Jason where they go, Okay. He's really sincere about not asking us to defend him. And, well, you know, we respect him for that, Or what have you And you're right. This is typically this leads to the the end of somebody's career. As of late. Um I'II, Roseanne. I mean, you know, you saw what happened there. I mean, there's I know this is kind of a little bit of a different thing, but it typically that you know you're about to find out if the robber really meets the road..

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