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Up on sports scandal back with us for another look, a service of Howard Brothers out their power and hardware. Thanks, Bill In high school basketball Yesterday, the East Hall girls fell. The Cedar Shoals 35 29 Gainesville Lost to West for sight. 63 25 Lumpkin County beat Dawson County 68 33 Jefferson beat Madison County 70 to 35 On the boy's side. Gainesville Beat west for site 59 52 Chester TB Flowery Branch. 67 to 53. Dawson County beat Lumpkin County 96 73 Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes still in the NFL's concussion protocol after a hit he took in Sunday's divisional round win over Cleveland. Reports say Mahomes has cleared some steps of the protocol, but it's still unclear if he will be cleared to play in the A F C championship game against Buffalo. This Sunday and Hall of Fame pitcher and longtime Braised broadcaster Don Sutton died yesterday at the age of 75. Sutton was a four time All Star and pitch for the Dodgers, Astros, Brewers, athletics and Angels. He had a career record of 3 24 and 2 56 and retired in 1988. You can find more sports that access W D win. I'm telling you That was the one of the best teams in baseball broadcasting ever. Was going, Don Yep. And obviously the Braves. Um and why am I blanking on names right now? But But I am on the rest of that brace broadcast crew. But, um, help me out here building a play by play guy for the Braves. It's a Uh, pal? Yeah. Jim Powell Temple. Obviously, Powell still around s O. Still, A lot of the lot of the good parts of that broadcast crew is still around, but they'll missed on sudden, for sure. Hey, Jim Palace, probably one that I got a pleasure of meeting him on a couple of occasions and we interviewed him back when the pandemic broke out about what was going on. And just a super nice, approachable guy. Humble. He's been so successful and, you know, he'll tell you guys I just wanted to broadcast baseball and I have been so fortunate, blessed to be able to do what I love to do, and he does it at a very high level. The guy is fantastic and so talented. Atlanta's got some great play by play guys between Powell obviously for the Braves. Um yeah, that Atlantis had some really good play by play. Guys come through escape. You know the whole thing, But I'm just telling you For my money. I've I've I enjoyed. I enjoyed Jim and don very much on and I I fan of the Braves, but not so much that I can tell you whole lot about. This game of that game or watch every game, But, you know, embrace fan were right, George. Why not, but listening to them. Loved it, and I said, kid growing up now we had Milo Hamilton on so that'll that'll take your way on back, and I enjoyed listening to him. But just and then skip in the gang. That was a lot of fun listening to, But to me, he was always very comfortable to listen to those two guys talk about it, cause you're just a couple of guys like baseball talking about the game. Incredible. Incredible, Of course. Now, if you wanna look into Jim's past You know, Um Oh, gosh, he and Bob you cur with the team. Back was in Milwaukee is that is that we're hey, is I don't know. I don't remember. Gosh, my mind blanks on where he's from. But Bob, you cur on and Jim go back and Bob Bucher is He would have been a challenge to work with, because he was always pulling pranks and jokes. And he just hilarious guy just funny as all get out, and when they inducted Jim into the George Broadcasters Hall of Fame last year. They They had a video from Bob because Bob couldn't make the trip. And this guy it was like a five minute stand up routine. Just one joke After the next. It was just hilarious Guy was fantastic. I think he missed his calling should have been in stand up, but Does a great job with baseball as well. Of course, he was a former brave So our is a former brave play for the Braves. Way back. Matter. Fact we used to have a Piece of hardware on the wall that had his signature on it. And all the Braves from the year he was on had film a crow and Bob, you cur and a bunch of other guys out there, so, really cool. But gonna miss Don gonna miss Dunn. 75 you said the up 75 years old and retired from baseball in 1988 Remember when he joined the Braves broadcast crew? No, I do not. Honestly, you're not that Sort of kind of seamlessly came in there. It just seems like such a natural fit. Good. All right. Well, we move on 57 minutes after six o'clock three away from seven o'clock coming up next hour. Some interesting talk about vaccines. First and foremost. We gonna check in with insurance Commissioner here in Georgia to talk about Vaccines in the vaccine roll out. He had a very interesting discussion yesterday with Martha Zoller on morning talk and also vaccine passports. What are they? And do they pose a danger to privacy? Are they indeed legal? We're gonna tackle that in the second half of the seven o'clock hour with our legal expert as we check in with the folks there. Wendy Patrick, who's an attorney's going to check in and talk about several things that are on the legal blotter for this week that you'll find interesting. In the meantime, I want to put a word in for what's going on with our friends in America's benefit insurance mark done out there doing his job and doing his due diligence to make sure you get the insurance that you need a lot of times, folks. You went through the affordable care act and you signed up during open enrollment. You're taking a look at your plan, and you're realizing there are gaps in that plan, and you're wondering how do we fill those gaps?.

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