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Say this is a lie they often do it they don't do it enough they should ignore the worst of it and but really they just have to keep reminding people this is just unreasonable and it is not normal michael goldfarb thanks as always michael we'll be discussing this subject further with luke harding and suzanne more on sunday afternoon at four pm at these newington literary festival here in london tickets and further details may be had from the website he are some of the other stories we're following today police officers and one civilian have been shot dead in asian what belgian police are describing as a terrorist incident four other police officers were injured and one of the person briefly held hostage before the gunman involved shot dead by police local media reported that the gunman had been freed from prison on temporary release yesterday he's been serving a sentence for drug offenses israel's defense forces say they have launched air strikes against thirty five sites in gaza hitting targets belonging to hamas and islamic jihad known palestinian casualties were reported the strikes were a response to the heaviest mortar barrage launched at israel from inside gaza for some years some shows landed in the grounds of a massively deserted kindergarten others elsewhere wounded three israelis they were reports of renewed isreaeli strikes on gaza as we went to air and syria which one might have assumed had more pressing concerns has joined the small coterie of nations recognizing the sovereignty of breakaway joy.

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