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Water circulates in the ocean which can have an effect on climate can affect Storms moving around hurricanes we all know are affected by water temperature You know fish and different resources on the sea floor near the sea floor that were dependent upon whether it be for food or for medals for our phones are actually our phones the communication that we're using to talk on our phones it doesn't go through the sky it goes on cables on the seafloor and so we we don't even realize that every day we're very all of us are very connected to each other through the sea floor which is pretty cool while we have vicky and jamie. Let's get into some of the questions you've sent us about the ocean. Depths name is siri and i am five. Am i have been denver colorado. My question is how deep is to see. My name is fry it. And i'm eight years old and i live in wellington in new zealand. My question is how deep is the deepest part of the ocean. Thank you my name is sophie. I live in minneapolis minnesota. I'm eight years old. My question is how deep is the ocean. My name's campbell. On seven years. Old and i live in pennsylvania and i want to know how the ocean got so deep. So how deep is it. And how did it get so deep. Well i know how deep it is. I think vicki's better place to say how it gets. A d so the deepest parts of the ocean that i'll stunned by to be correct and this is about eleven thousand thirty four meters in a place called the challenge of deep in the mariana trench in the pacific. Ocean is about seven miles deep. That's amazing that is amazing. Let's add two more voices to the chorus wanting to know how that part of the ocean got so deep. Hi my name is toby. I've learned a half eluned chicago in my question is how in the mayan trenches. Get jodi. hi my name is alice. i'm six years old. I'm from buffalo new york and my question is how was the mariana. Trench formed not surprisingly how the sea floor formed is complicated. Well so there's a lot of really large scale processes that are happening on our planet I think a lot of people have heard of plate tectonics and how the plates move around the planet as they're moving around there's different processes happening like subduction so one plates going below another one and that's causing a lot of the trenches there's collision of plates which causes the creation of mountains I think people have some familiarity.

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