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Here he is marino marino is an idiot it is not that he does not want to play. Well he's a bit abbott normal. That said he has been overwhelmed by the pressure. So that speaking in two thousand twelve from leaked audio by the way who is taping him. I was gonna ask that. I couldn't track down. Who was taping him As i put this together before the podcast i just stumbled upon it on on twitter He's not wait for this one with for this talk about slaying. The sacred cows of real madrid. He's not a real madrid goalkeeper. What can i say he never has been. He has been our biggest mistake. The problem is everyone loves him. I don't know he has so many people on his side but anyway he is one of the biggest frauds florentino perez on eaker casillas who as a teenage boy played in the two thousand european champions league. Final like a legend of the club. Our biggest mistake so evil. Sometimes i get for this okay. There's a cow left to be slaughtered. Andrew he's a negative guy he's destroying madrid and the morale of the players is so that people say it's not it's mood who are playing badly not rahul. It's terrible water bath. Kid he is he's not going to play for madrid anymore is frontier florentino perez on rule in leaked recordings from two thousand and six. Which i mean didn't leave in two thousand and eight four shulku right. Yeah yeah i'm b. It was later than that again. And legend appre renaldo club. Bona fida club legend. So don't you sometimes don't worry don't we. I feel we all know people kinda like this where i sometimes want to say to someone like when you hate everyone. Maybe maybe you're the problem you like. All these people are bad. They're all the worst. They're all crazy. They're all insufferable like at some point. I just wonder like what is florentino perez. What if we got like the recordings of raul or rinaldo or marino or whoever on on florentino. He seems recording of this from rt and other recording of peres capture going on the offensive against spanish media outlets markelle television. Espinola we have to win. The battle of america and television espanol with that isolate them not alpes. Which does not be badly says what i like but they but dan director of afraid rather Reliable and the host of l. transistor on order on the sierra was a raimondo della. Dull marina so he was going after. The media's well meglomaniac going to be more from this. I can't wait for the response. From the rinaldo camp. I'm kind of waiting for the response from the florentino camp. Yeah i can't wait for the you know. This was taken out of context. Excuse he's had some few months andrew he really has had quite year while. Jj one other thing actually a couple of other things that just popped up here. That i wanted to mention first off yesterday. Of course it was announced officially that Gianluigi donna roma will be leaving a c milan and going to. Psg fresh off his man of the tournament performance at allow losing goalkeeper. Although they're bringing in liles keeper as a replacement so they were prepared for this but psg upgrading At a at an important position certainly and by the way on a free transfer credible. How's that how can that happen with a twenty two year old. Who of this of this quality. It's amazing well you talk. Ac milan fans and prior to the tournament. At least they were not Not best pleased with donna room behavior and the behavior of his and so this is not going to go over well. Espn afc tweeted a potential psg eleven and suggested they were favorites for the champions league and had a look at it. I ran my bdi across it andrew. And i like. I like a lot of it but They've donna roman gold and we're going to jump forward to the attack is neymar and bob et de maria. Okay the midfield variety perez and a juvenile them but the centrebacks considering the fullbacks kazaa and Will be free much attacking. Imagine a kenyan particular and sergio ramos. Tono about that. I don't think. I love thy element like lots about this team locked in terms of its potency booked cambambe ramos. That's bales. that smells that has the stench of out in the semifinal May maybe but boy. The rest of that team is scary. Yeah on this one album. I mean we're not going to allow to do with as espn f c. Have him as they do in. The center of park variety is going to be a busy busy boy and if album decides like he did against the czech republic not tracking back. Here baby Some of this though it's made a little bit more impressive when you consider like when we think. Psg we think of wild spending and certainly that is a lot of how they built this club However don aroma on a free one album on a free sergio ramos on a free. I mean that's yeah. Those are three key figures on that. Yeah man who hardly pay last season so right hiding highly motivated for sure. Yeah raw is the question. Mark the compendious coming off about tournament. But i still think that he's a good player. Romo's says the bigger question mark for me not necessarily because of his talent. But i just wonder what is his availability at his age and like you said coming off a season where he was not able to stay healthy. Maybe he's just entering that part of his career and so then what do. Psg have after that if those their starting center hats i don't imagine their depth is all that impressive. Not that's the achilles heel certain. What about martinez surely mark. Oh yeah yeah. Yeah oh my god. They're really. i mean whoever. Where was it the red that could be favorites for the champions league. It's not a crazy. I know it was one of one of espn fcc tweets over there. Hey you know big is emoji. Look at this team. They could be good kind of tweet know not an actual team. It's just speculation. of course all of it's speculation at this point but that team. I mean yeah the they are they are potentially scary look we can go through all the contenders for the champions league and probably find potential achilles heels so if those are psg if companion romo's are the biggest achilles heel team that has neymar pay upfront. That's okay. I could live with that a couple others. Jj that just popped up. Your bruce dorfman have rejected. Chelsea's advances at erling haaland a report that in addition to a huge sum of money. They were also going to be offering. Tammy abraham really. That's sweeten the deal Yeah greta to see chelsea continuing. You know what the solid policy of promoting from within giving you the chance. They had that summer. Where.

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