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But you want to did it. So we're we'll get to those. Yeah. I if I named the live feed updates Ville name for this one would be Rikio story of Ricky. Chronic? So after he leaves Joey and Ryan were like what is up with Ricky today. Which is not going to be the first time. Somebody says those words Ricky Kato and Tom are having a conversation about performance and. Just weird stuff about I don't know why Ricky care so much. This is like this is like the conversation candy was having with Tamar except there's no past beef as far as I'm aware. But it's just it becomes very clear and Ricky says it outright later in the day that Ricky just doesn't like, Tom. He just hates him for some reason. And so in the conversation, they're talking about in in Ricky's trying to have these deep conversations where he's trying to get down to the layers of who these people are. And he's trying to be like, well, so why do you think that is like I mentioned on the round table? It's like he's trying to force mean Taryn show conversations upon to people that they did not consent to and so when Tom is like not really into it. And he he's just like not not really vibe ING with what Ricky is trying to push Ricky says something along the lines of. Okay. So deep down. Just a prick. That's what's going on. Like what what is happening where that come from? That's the thing is that we see him Wednesday talking about wanting to stir the pot, and I feel like maybe subconsciously that's no longer a choice, and he's just doing it now in any given situation and given the fact that you know, we can tell and he said that he's not a fan of Tom. I guess he has a little bit more fun doing this now because clearly he wants to get a bit of horizon of him. And he believes that he's in a position where he can always default. I wasn't doing anything was him though is being mad at me. But it really isn't a good look in any way. And then to end a conversation by looking so then the I'd be like, oh, so you're just being a prick not not a good. Look, not a good liar. Any any similar things like this throughout the day with this guy? It's baffling. This is not even close to the worst thing. He does Tom. No. But this is not a conversation that Tom enjoyed and so after the conversation, he's starting to think this. I don't I don't like this is going voting. Jonathan means that we're working with Ricky along with the women, and I don't like that. This is what Ricky wants. And I liked Jonathan. I don't like Ricky. I liked Jonathan. He's this positive. Nice guy. Why we voted him out and going along with what Ricky ones when we can keep Jonathan maybe get the women to work with these guys. And then then we have this six person alliance and Ricky's not a part of it. I don't have to deal with that nonsense and tame mar and candy metal be over too. So that's great like this. This is just we can we can resolve everything it's a slam dunk in Tom's head like he thinks it makes the most sense in the world to do this. And we can see why the problem here is that Ricky clearly has a.

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