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And then with five minutes, I think you're gonna keep us. Recaps would be probably hilarious and then trying to predict what's happened earlier in the movie. And what will happen later on in the movie, I think that there is some Jews to that where with watching the ending of the movie, you sometimes Apple's movies where you have two minutes of action and then three minutes of fall out and nothing really happens. Okay. But what do you think I just don't know how this is better than the final four? I'm not sure if it's better it's similar, but I it's. It's it's more confusing to say the middle five fifty five. That that's I tried it with one movie was called the sand. It's this really random movie where the fan attacks people. And I thought that if you to record something about that about the movie like that or similar Sandra that trying to explain the plot was movies with any content happened for would have been Larry's, okay, Ben. I'm sorry. We're at we're out of time. Thank thank you for the to me. It sounds like that it might be the follow up to final four really takes off. And it goes into the the strata Matic twenty sided die. Okay. Thanks keeper shy speak. Bye. All right. Did watch one to see how it would work. Definitely appreciate that sort of effort from him. Okay. All right. Are you ready for the next call or anything else that okay? No, okay. All right. This is our next caller. Okay. Tyler. I believe this is okay. Let's see is is this Tyler. Hello. Can you hear me? Yes. We hear you. Okay. You're on the clock. Great. Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. Great. So I'm gonna try to go a little bit fast because I have two or three ideas, so idea number one dic-, Robin. Cuba would choose rap album and kind of go behind the scenes and try to dissect all lyrics and what they mean. And then you guys can kind of just make up whatever, you think actually means or you know, like the song and everything you can maybe actually tried to do it. So one of my dance for that is there's a famous rapper whose names wall lay he has a scientist themed mix tape called the mixed about nothing. So that's just an idea for maybe something you can do idea. Number two, Robin, Akiva, leave their house. So I'm actually calling you guys out. So my. My was that, you know, the listeners can maybe sending their ideas. Like, maybe they could teach you a little bit about the language give you some survival raises. And then give you some like background history about their country their city or whatever. And then maybe they could pepper in some false information. And then you guys tried to sniff it out. And then that's kind of a way for listeners and everybody to learn something about different little corners of the world, I suppose, and then I d and number three is crossover. I guess between season three episode seven and crappy movie diapers. So my is season. Three episode seven of power. Rangers is actually the conclusion to a kind of TV movie time episode, but they also created a theatrical Power Rangers movie to that has like the exact same plot. So the idea would be you guys could watch the TV movie type thing or the actual theatrical release movie one the other both whatever, but they're both pretty terrible. And I think you've kind of fits your guys nineties wheelhouse, crappy dialogue and production. So okay. Those are my pitches sorry to super fast. Twenty seconds anything else. That'll do it. Thank you so much. I honestly can't believe. I'm actually you guys. All right. Tyler thank you for the call k-. Keep it I will pass those three pitches. Okay. Thanks so much. Thank you so much. All right. The key ask these people with the voting for it. Because literally everyone's Canadian who's calling. What works for the government? Okay. Look. So Akiva, three things we had dissect the rap album. Yeah. All right. All right. Everyone wants more aqui, Robin..

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