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Overnight tonight. America wanted to thank Mary Barra always keeping score for us and you know we talked a little bit about her cubs. In the third segment of the program also Scott on the other side of the glass music coming in and out of the breaks the the highlights g get <hes>. I don't do that all by my lonesome so <hes> definitely appreciate appreciate the entire team effort here at speaking of team efforts. David Griffin got a new bill new beginning in New Orleans one quote. I WANNA get out before we get out of here tonight. Lebron is getting all the credit none of the blame and that's not fun for people they don't like being part of that world and I heard tonight on Talkradio callers from around the country talking about how <hes> you know basically he just Kinda got got to go along and ride Lebron's coat-tails. I think that that is far from the case as to the the David Griffin deserves more credit from that and shame on E._S._p._N.. Four nitpicking this article <hes> there was a lot to be found in that but we decided to start social media war with <hes> Bron James. I think that that is just silly and ridiculous became silly and ridiculous. We had a pretend football game that took place <unk> outside the hall of fame. Tom Benson Stadium in Canton Ohio right next to the pro football hall of fame the Broncos Brett Rippin Mark Ribbons kid threw a touchdown pass to <hes> kid name Winfrey from Colorado and that was the end of the game in under ordinary circumstances stances. It was like four thousand fourteen the Falcons would are the broncos would have kicked a field goal in this game would have mercilessly went into overtime <hes> the real species and starts next weekend..

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