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Like like even like as points like I feel like they're good reasonable points, but it's like at the same time. I think that we can reasonably want to elect a democratic pick that isn't the best and hope that they get in only to continue giving them hell you know like that's my stance at this what we should do that's what I think we should do I don't think it's right to say, let's get Joanne because I'm tired of this shit and just relax and breathe. You know granted if they did get an office I, probably would take a couple of days to relax and breathe for a second. But you know you got to go to hold them. You got to hold them accountable and keep the fire under their ask because they're going to do whatever they want. You know that best fits them and their narrative. If you don't that was the argument I had with a with a white liberal quote unquote friends I have oh yeah where it was like. They were positioning it I. Don't know if you all saw this means that went viral, but it was basically like you know Fuck I wish I, I had it with me but I don't it was something along the lines of You know don't tear down this black woman. Instead we need to work on getting this racist Little Blah out of the office I. I get that I. do understand that at the same time white liberals stop spreading that mean because that was not made for you or by you. Okay. So you cannot use that means against a black person. You sound crazy right and I had people doing that to me and like rocky. Oh Bro. Man I feel like white liberals telling black people to be quiet about their concerns with Kamala. Kamala excuse me which I saw a lot is. Is Basically, the fucking black square should all over again you know you guys don't really give two fucks about what black people need or want you just want to make yourself feel good. We should get her in office, get her and by office because we need trump out after that. All are off if everybody wants to go completely in on Kamala that's fine. But for now, as much as I don't like having to support a cop killer, I have to have to take my shit sandwich and I have to eat it because what's the alternative is? A lot worse but it's worse. It is. So there's no because I do I do have some liberal they're trying to equate the to town Biden is. That just as bad as. Paul shut the fuck up I'm rounded by piece of Shit. But He's at least like solid shit like trump is running shit. So it's like which one would you rather have. Shane. Invited Chris Guide and has been a piece of shit since he was in office. But I remember when he when I remember people saying that he would be a good pick for president when I when I was introduced. To read then I disagreed. He voted against like he was four segregate like was he ever for black? I think is just one where he was. Obama's. Zach leaves so so. Being sarcastic though no, but I think that's You being serious. Weight. Matters. To us. I think general. Black people, in general. Did Not know who Biden wasn't. So he became Obama's vice leaping. Guys okay. So did you know he was before before before he was with? Do you clearly. Thought he was. No, I don't. I. Don't follow Politics Politics. To Communism but wow. Okay. So here's the thing I. Don't follow politics but if I have to vote for somebody I'm going to look him up. And we all we all know how to use Google, his track record shit. We just knew we wanted a black president might. Without, but that's what I'm saying I even van you. What. Black thing I remember about Joe Biden is that were he he had A. He had. A bomb elect Y, which was the racist. Anti Black. Racism. But a Lotta that. Like does. Not, going to go in and when it's your turn but. Because he follow pauses one anyone so that he he had what Obama lack that was his strength and they were saying like, oh, he was the more aggressive win like when it came down to it, and that's why people will black people in particular liked by from what I remember. Well. This is the problem. And Black people we have to stop doing this shit just because a white man has a black friend does not mean he's not racist I think there was no you're right and I think that was a political framing and I think they use that to make white people and people comfortable voting. By the dog. Is Their version of Kamala learned it from Obama Obama got buying because he knew Biden bring in those semi rate like the white people who are racist but don't think the races he'd bring them in when I was fine with that. I was Kinda Fun with that and the reason I was kind of fun with that because I knew that would get our new that would get Barack Obama and it's okay to be fine with it, but it's not okay and not even know it and that is my issue and I thought this was fairly common knowledge that that Joe Biden was a racist I thought he was a white man that they liked in in it along with the other framing. Art Cool you got. He got the white people. Here's an I'll with with Iraq Obama I liked. It's not that I was in love with Biden. Dade liked by for whatever fucking reason and that because. He needed by getting I'm not disagreeing with any of that I just didn't know that nobody knew that Joe Biden had voted like racist policies, but then again in. Iraq I don't know but. I think that if I met Joe Biden today because I've said before I, like him but I like sort of as a person. I don't like him as a politician. Or. A lawmaker I feel like if I met Jill Biden probably caught meals and light. homeboy. That kind of. Drink. I didn't like, Clinton either but because Clinton had the same problem that Biden does that's what I'm saying. But if you met him in person probably be cool shit now, I wouldn't even shake his hand 'cause he probably got jobs on it you still. I'll talk about. All he was cool. Lousy play the saxophone. Modesty probably wasn't for us like that right they were. The perception of him, but we have to stop doing that. I'm not saying. You're not come to say we have to stop doing this like this white guy seems down. So therefore, I'm going to be cool with him and I'm GonNA bother looking into his policies luckily for us Joe Biden didn't really do much of anything sleep the whole time he was in office. You know he's basically Mike Pence. Winston pence at all so That was a benefit but to be fair when when Obama was getting elected, I wasn't one hundred percent cool with Obama either. But I was like slack president and I don't like McCain was a McCain he's running into the time. No wasn't McCain. who was running against at the time it was the first time the first time. who was. Right. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So yes. So I was like he's not McCain. And to be honest at some points, I liked McCain more than. Like, I'm not gonNA vote for McCain I'm.

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