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Okay. That's important. Mike. That's a cute. Backs reading actually back in the game. Oh, there you go. Free games actually harder game. Kenny before before Taryn. Kilim joins us, yes. Can you walk me through that house? The pre-game harder than the game way? More amount of talent all over the sets a lot longer, and it's a lot more involved because you have a lot more playbacks and music and things like that. I can argue slum dead because. Down in a pregame show. I know I've done pregame shows there is a rundown, yes. And as the so-called traffic cop of said, rundown postgame Shino where things can go a little bit awry. Post game shows in a football game. You have no idea what al-muhagir gonna bring three people play by play color, roving reporter, all he had a fourth one in for the Super Bowl. What about those? What about the how many people are on set for your game? Pre game show for game day morning, you've fifteen people all over the place. You know what, after after all said and done, it's you are the Bill Walsh of audio executives. You really are. I may get that for the license plate change one. Great. Mixed. Just Bill w, Bill Bill, w progress got his head in his hands. Not want to admit, I'm right. Ino- world. Are you write about this? Although hold on a second though, I still wanna get the answer to, why is it? Why is it so difficult. Because I'm not expecting a Bella check assistant to win forever. Okay. Now, why is it so difficult to get that that. Same, just even modicum of success. Are you ready for the answer? Yes, here's the. Here's the one answer. The one answer is Bella check is the greatest for a reason, right?.

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