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Fort Worth on I 35 W Samppa Did Bass would Boulevard There's a collision on the right shoulder. It's backed up past Heritage Trace Parkway with Kayla of Traffic on the fives High Bill Jackson. I'm meteorologist Brad Barton. If you're coming in from the South this morning, there could be some areas of freezing fog, which would make bridges and overpasses. Pretty selective. Pretty hard to detect to. That area is roughly from Hillsboro on down to Waco, including Athens. Of course I can. Coming up from Bryan College Station. Everything warms up, though, after daybreak, mostly sunny and 52 for the high here today, low near freezing tonight High near 59 Tomorrow and 60 on Thursday. We will cool off to the upper fifties Friday and Saturday habit Kunar with only lower fifties for the high on Sunday, no rain until early next week. I'm k l I f W b 80 meteorologist brand, Barton. 29 degrees and round let right now it's 29. Hearst and 28 in dollars Dallas Fort Worth is Glenn back. The answer does not lie in Washington. The problems lie in Washington. So the states that you live in. You should urge them to become sanctuary states that we are a sanctuary for the bill of Rights and anything that violates the bill of Rights. This state won't do Join me from nine till noon. Live from the Metroplex. Right here on real news and information. 5 70 K l i f Huh? Me? Me? Me. Me, me. Me, but also you, Farrell, Fast forwards His favorite porn film. Powdered doughnut. Okay, What's my line? Three Only line I see here on the script is get options based on your budget with the name your price tool from progressive man. That's a time twister, huh? I'm sorry. I'm gonna need a few more minutes. Hold this world risk the bulbous.

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