Joe Biden, President Trump, Colorado discussed on Colorado's Morning News with April Zesbaugh and Marty Lenz


Five o'clock on Colorado's Morning News with April and Marty Bach's 31 pinpoint whether currently 59 degrees on her way to a high in the mid eighties, the rest of the week hot and dry with the potential to hit another 90. He's on Friday. Good morning. Our top story here on Colorado's morning news. Colorado leaders against sounding the alarm on Corona virus do the outbreaks among college students. There is concern is Colorado's covered 19 cases rise among all age groups Week over week. We saw 45% increase in cases last week, so that's certainly a very concerning trend for us state epidemiologist Dr Rachel Herlihy. Governor Polish says It's up to us to push the numbers downward once again on us whether you're a 19 year old soon and see your boulder Whether you're a 72 year old retired Colorado or whether you work every day in downtown Colorado Springs or Denver is on us, and we need to step it up a bit. The governor, though, is confident we're halfway through our battle with covert 19. Meantime, the death toll in America crossing the 200,000 mark as of yesterday, parents of middle and high school kids in DPS have until tonight to make a choice on whether to go with In person learning or stick with online classes. Meantime, families have already made choices for elementary school students are deadline for elementary school students remained at the end of last week. And right now we still continue to have about 30% of our families were opting for the online option of virtual learning. 100%. DPS Superintendent Susanna Cordova says there's some concern about rising cove in 19 numbers with just over a month ago till the election New numbers show a razor thin race between President Trump and Democrat Dick, White House challenger Joe Biden and two key battleground states. NEW ABC NEWS Washington Post Holes in Arizona and Florida have President Trump and Joe Biden. Virtually neck and neck in Arizona, which is only voted a Democrat for president wants since 1950 to the race stands at 47 to 49% for Biden among registered voters and 49 to 48% for Trump among likely voters. Florida where Biden is said to be struggling with Hispanic voters, the races Justus close registered voters coming in at 47 to 40. 8% for Biden over Trump but 51 to 47% for Trump over Biden among those most likely to vote Derek Dennis ABC News, Biden has picked up a key endorsement in a state that could be a key in this election. And that's Arizona. He's gained the full support of Cindy McCain, the wife of late Senator John McCain. President Trump is setting a date and time for the announcement of his nominee to fill the vacant Supreme Court seat set toe happen on Saturday. 3 p.m. our time. However, he's not tipping his hand as to the pick obligation.

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