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Them out but giving yourself permission. To celebrate doesn't devalue in any way suffering that someone else is having i read this quote somewhere and i wish i could remember who it was so i could give them credit but anyway it's not my quote but it's good and i'm going to mess it up but it's something to the effect of being sick or getting sick doesn't help someone who is sick and it just struck me when i read. That hurt it. But the point i got from it was there are moments that you are with someone that you want. Express sympathy empathy compassion but in the world suffering is happening all over the place all day long. It is absolutely expected right now. It's part of this. World is and there is also a lot to celebrate. And you better believe that. I am going to celebrate every single moment. I possibly can and go after goals. Because i am alive when you celebrate. You don't devalue someone else's suffering no way it's the opposite it is a celebration of life your crew loves to celebrate your crew love tissue powerful and your crew. Is there for you when you're suffering and you're not celebrate and even in those moments there are opportunities to celebrate something. All of it is a human experience right now. And don't miss out on the celebration because you're guilting yourself for being alive nikki. Wouldn't want that for me. She wouldn't want it for you either. Wendy you'll get two meter. I am one hundred percent going to see her again. And when i do. I'm going to tell her how much i missed her. And how much. She was part of the inspiration to celebrate my life as much as possible. And they're gonna be plenty of times that. I'm going to cry because i miss her. And i'm allowing that for myself too. But this is the tool that i want you to have in your tool belt. The permission slip to celebrate. It's okay to enjoy. The things are going after. It's okay to enjoy the successes that you've had. It's okay more than okay to celebrate this beautiful gift up life as much as possible. I love you all so much nazih. Next week they lovely. You want to be more confident on the outside half the start on the inside. If you don't take time to create an amazing relationship with yourself it will show up in every other area of her life. If you feel stuck or don't know how to be yourself. I invite you to work with me. One on one go to miss christie williams dot com and sign up for free. Call to join my six month program. That's ms c. h. r. i s. t. i e. williams dot com and. I'll see you in..

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