Aktuna, Tennessee, Jim Courier discussed on First Draft - NFL Draft Conference Call: 4/25/17


Aktuna hi meryl our middle tennessee i was wondering your talk a little bit quarterback jim courier were signing kim and then uh also uh the been running back that's kind of london radar nike yes yeah i started the guy rounder priority borderline draft with one many running back center radars drafted makes a dresser priority on my back that's the priority coastal carolina two no sir how why people wind number twenty one would you take him to be people are we talking about twenty six at weren't expecting their lives would certainly be one of those are the giants another if you were there for the giants um so yeah i just i got assess how greatest fire investigating store yes twenty he's ski cars hey michelle what of times we see new coaches tend to get their way and draft guy on on their side of the coast uh you know with the bills gone the german coming over given the way that this says underperformed past couple of years do you think that would make sense with his background he's had them uh addressing crashes as well to get the question which one particular point the structure.

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