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And does feel though that you know, steady worked have since December really didn't take any time off after that that off the turf race in November. I think that's your price silver shield the six we talked to Graham ocean yesterday, he thinks trinity is going to need a race to get into into shape. So he said, you know, you might want to wait and give trinity one, but twelve. Two one play with silver shield. Yeah. They say could make the case field the price. I threw was repair the world. Well, that would be the three with pock. Oh, and Brian Lynch, and it's hard to believe the neither one of us, given our our the fact we like to talk about we we left out a frohmann, the sausage king of Chicago. Use them all the frohmann from from. From first bueller? Yeah. All right. All right. Oh. Oh. Phillips that. I'm sure those are the owners they're always using the risk preferences. Look at you, putting those putting those dots. And they had the big one a couple years ago guy Caballero. Yes. Yes. Job well done. All right. Well, we won't see you television. So we will look forward to later in the week from you and. We'll talk next week. Of course, you'll be in Vegas with us too. Yeah. Looking forward to it. That should be fun. What are you getting there Thursday? All right. I'll be already be there. Wednesday saw start broadcasting Thursday. And we're gonna have a lot of fun. Really enjoy warm, right? There you go Seth marrow. Everybody capital TV equitably dot com. And Brian San Fratello, Pennsylvania thoroughbred, horse breeders. Dr Steven all day today. Brought to you by Lubers reborn. Sit for Nando sire. Watch pedigree focus, presented by Hillen. Dale at Pete Ford. It's L. Everybody's going to use..

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