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Are you ready? Everyone's discovering podcasts on the iheartradio app. So make us your podcast player and discover season three of your ward winning podcast. Disgrace lands. Jake Brennan hosted this Graceland episode one of the third season. As we kick off the two part rock and roll true crime saga, Kurt Cobain Courtney. Love listening to this Gracelands and over twenty five thousand more podcasts on the iheartradio app. Your music your stations, your podcasts all free. The weekend forecast from K to just minutes from now at the bottom of the hour. News Radio eleven ninety K E X. Iheartradio presents the premier event of the podcast. It could happen here. The second American civil war doesn't sound like a crazy distant possibility to me. I'm Robert Evans, and it's my job to help. You see what I see? Welcome to it could happen here a podcast where every season. I take some fantastic unlikely scenario explain how it could happen white might be closer than you'd think. And how it will look win. Or if it comes. Toro's kicking off spring by offering huge savings on lawnmowers during the toros. Spring sales have been at participating dealers save big with up to fifteen hundred dollars off select models plus special financing for qualified buyers. Now's the time to get a new Toro mower and starting join unbeatable performance combined with huge rebates offers end March twenty eighth so hurry in now for Toro's. Biggest sales have been here. Visit Toro dot com slash local to find a dealer near you. A lot to love event is happening now in my friends at Subaru Portland are taking it to the next level right now you can lease the all-new twenty thousand nine Subaru outback two point five I for only ninety nine bucks per month for thirty six months only ninety nine bucks, you deserve drive and incredible car, and it's unbelievable Bryce ninety nine dollar lease happening now at Subaru Portland. Now, that's a lots of love. Number three zero three two zero five thousand two hundred eighty nine hundred zero one Portland review for a lifetime. Jubail ups with some.

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