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And this week we or watch or supposed to have warshattered if you guys have watch their i didn't watch it cou she didn't the shawshank redemption did you feel you know why don't lightly spill a really ironclad reason finger forgive me because i loved the novella okay okay yeah just just con it doesn't match up for me you know i read it when i was a kid i read a long time ago and he's one of my favorite novellas who story i ever conga over that yeah sorry to look at because i haven't read i watched few years back and to be honest it's not one of those i guess you hypes but i feel is one of those film that you can wash on like a nice like sunday evening and i'm watching it and i'm sunday evening this show days during the day i'll watch like my trashy gully chicks oh my soul like pretty woman evening times i'll watch like real deep things like to sit down and like they're slow movers you know and i felt that she was to me was very slim the end end just like okay talk him to the source what's what's your family the parody on there anyway i found he knows the shawshank redemption is about prison cushing yup and it's about prisoners within the fill within the prison on how is there ship as presents the interaction move the on the guards and kind of kind of bodyman of hope and how they kind of like get out of there and they want to go.

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