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With the second half of our six pack tonight with the, think tank, from, in, the, loop Real, quick real quick I got to, give. A quick shout out shot to my boy, Mike. Zimmer. Tano diehard. Hockey, fan God bless him he's also hey you pulling for your boys Belgium in the World Cup is yes Chateauguay, Mike, the acme packing company in, Green Bay is why they were called I said you go shot came. In cargo, you go. What time. It is. Fighting came in. Cargo the, future, number changes its name. All. Right we digress let's let's go let's go I it's just lunches I. Know who I know who the starting middle. Linebacker is so where is the poll no not me the poll. Everybody says, it's okay. With the. It's it's. Pretty unanimously everybody. Does seventy, percent, earlier seventy percent We're at about seventy percent. Say it's okay to get it to go plates. On a first date is the, think tank though seven one three five seven two four six. Ten berry simple concept just? Starts, starts your whole thing. Off with I think that and let's go to the phones you're on a think tank go Paul gloves still. Sucks What a way to start Trust me on this I don't think they go Style while he's behind Tango I think that a piggy swath spot Landers should go to the afternoon show and Demag To be twice as good Wow Lots of. Fun Like. That or not You're, the think tank oh I could imagine working with rich everyday Johnson secretly working for buil built Hey guys teddy. Jay here yeah maybe. Never know you're on the thing Tango Yeah All, right. Man I think you ought to change the name of the segment to what it really. Is barrel fire, heartache. Man what's up. John that's. Right what's up? That that's an oldie but a. Goodie, yeah that's. Good, hey you're on the think, Tango.

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