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Honestly, it's like until your Conte's version of John Lennon's imagine listening to that quote or at least until your Conte's version of Gal Gadot covering John Lennon's imagine let's dive deeper into that mess of Deadwood at Chelsea and tackle your question go pull about the LeBron James of soccer. Hello Raj, this is Spencer treadwell from Birmingham, Michigan. Former player of the mighty student princes of heidelberg university in division three soccer here in the states. Raj, I'm calling to ask you about our beloved Captain America. CP ten. He doesn't seem to fear in the Tuco's ideas right now. So where can it go and what leagues should he go to to end up in the best shape for our men in stripes, U.S. national team? By November for guitar. As always, courage. Spencer, all right, let us slowly ourselves with this awfully painful question from an American perspective because you are asking your question in a week in which Jacob Steinberg in The Guardian wrote that quote unsettled pulisic quote is not trusted by Thomas Tuchel as he Chelsea attacking clear out continues. And the article said the following the German manager has given up, trying to hide his frustration with most of his creative players, the numbers are stark. Or the Mason Mount who's not a striker hit double figures in the league last season, there's doubts over color to the Deutsche future. While hacking ziya and Christian Pulisic are both unsettled, two hall is prepared to rip it up and start again. I love that song. He'll happily listen to offers for ZX who's been targeted by Milan and here it is. He does not trust politic whose contract expires in 2024. Chelsea need new ideas. Of course it's hardly encouraging one to who keeps losing his forwards. But only mount has made himself undroppable to put it into context the politic and Hudson adore manage a lovely goals between them last season and U.S. fan reaction to this article has been loud and frustration sake. When you look at Christians last season, he started only 13 times and I will say this we are a fan base. I don't think there's any fan base that's better at this better at conjuring positive supporting stats for our arguments. We dredge up a lot of chance creation per minute. And all that, there was one keyboard warrior who suggested Jacob Steinberg made all of this up and to be clear, top level. Let me tell you how this works. The club briefed the press. That is how that's how it works. So it is a current truth what Jacob wrote. We don't know who did the briefing, was it too? Or was it Burley's camp trying to flush out agents and transfer possibilities, make a deal happen before the transfer deadline closes September 1st? That truth can change, but right now it's pretty clear in the here and now Chelsea are very, very open to moving Cristiano pulisic on and that is painful. It's a narrative that seems to have flipped on Cristiano staying how we celebrated when he was in all of the new shirt photos. He staying. We read into those tea leaves. But I feel sad for him because what do we know about Christian? He is a gent who is deeply sensitive. Craves consistency and security and it's pretty clear. He's not going to gain either by staying at Chelsea the days of true challenge continue for Christian. I do wish him strength and a speedy resolution to this predicament when you look at it, it's really been an all too slower burn. The good news is there are so many settings in which Christian could thrive the natural move after a period of Chelsea challenge for a top player is to head to Italy. That would be a new culture to be space for him to run into Tammy Abraham style. But also a whole new culture shop and a whole new language to step so we will see. I did love GFP at me Vince G who tweeted us can't wait until Christian Pulisic scores the game when he goal against England, the putting on the verge of being knocked out the group stage, one mount sits on England's bench and Chelsea fans turn on to all that is the revenge fantasy of revenge fantasies. Here's the good side. I do think it means the U.S. team are going to continue to be the one place Christian feels truly at home, loved, happy. And eager to prove himself, go go USA.

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