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Let the players sign with agents i mean we're only talking about twenty or thirty guys it year maybe forty guys a year letter signed with an agent let him go to school if he's taken the kids taken 25 grand so what it doesn't affect anything and that would basically get rid of the corruption the schools can't afford to pay the kids why not just let them sign with an age of this if an agent wants to take that risk johnny good stuff uh you saw the pac 12 all year on the way out the door darnell derozen they're both going to go and that sounds like the top ten of the draft you watch in conference who do you prefer i prefer donald also i saw motion did not throw the ball well at indy but uh i am a big donald fan because i think he is uncanny at be able to throw on the move and put the ball in the tight spots uh you know someone said he completes passes that other quarterbacks don't even attempt and i think that that's right and you know the fumbling saying he'll he'll get over that i i just think he is like uh is the best throw on the move in the pac 12 since aaron rodgers rao okay john you know you better footballer basketball words what's the wilner expertise uh i don't know i spend more time on football just because the season is so intense and now the season last i mean really the costs will see to last through the nfl draft in some respects mean i i probably watch almost as much of the combine later he did well in niners met with rice freeman at organi inro ronald jones at a usc you've got a favorite out of those two freemen are jones i'm a big jones fan buddy hurt himself by not being able to uh.

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