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Beat me on price by four five dollars so that was the biggest hurdle a pricing. And i mean you probably had a few people jumping the bridge and only going across the taxes cheaper so that was the biggest i mean. I work all the time so staffing was never an issue for me so you really had to be the face of that brand for a long time before you started expanding and right definitely gaining that customer base so you did bring a few of your own points that you wanted to go over. So why don't you just dig right into it man The the the buzzword everyone wants to hear from you though allocation the word. If you're playing that drink game at home where you take a drink. Every time you hear the word allocations. Here's your first one way hacia. So you're saying the. I will say they were so allocation. So i've heard everybody say that you know you've got by thirty cases of wheatley vodka all this other stuff kentucky. I mean that's not true. Okay so in kentucky. The way it works is they call saz wreck dollars so saz. Raccoons buffalo trace who owns a variety of brands Fireball wheatley vodka kentucky tavern and the more of those products that you buy you get more dollars towards allocations and Also he that's how you get allocated you know if you're if you're buying a lot of their brands and ultimately they're gonna reward you with more alcaide bottles now with pappy up until this year. That was the only one that they did says dollars on. Strike this year. Blanton's everything weller. They're going to start using a right dollars and the salesman web zero say in what is allocated f thing comes from basically what you spend. I wish i in my opinion is right way. Yes yeah so so back. In the day you used to just be able to order cases of blanton's and all this other stuff and my correct how how did so. I kind of business. Cases of blanton's that's sorta after everything is based off. How much dollars us you spend the more fireball. You sell the more really vodka And in kentucky. It's illegal for them to say. Hey you have to buy this to get this. So that's you know. That's the state protecting the retailer in kentucky and i can't speak on every state but in kentucky that's how it is okay. So it's it's easy yet. It's you know a little more difficult. Would you say to to allegations. Or i mean i was says wreck dollars. Are you saying that that's the money that you use. That's my span on product okay. I'm buying fireball wheatley vodka To fill a warehouse full of fireball. Then you get more size right dollars right. That basically says right dollars equals allocations got. Okay okay got it. So with these allocations. Everyone wants to know. Like what do you feel. As a fair way to distribute them. But what also do you think is kind of an unfair way to distribute those so fair depends on the person. So would aaron. And i'd determinist. Fair is a raffle. The and that's what we do. At the three of our henderson locations we raffled off. You know there's no purchase necessary enter the store We want to be fair for whomever you know to get a chance to win a bottle..

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