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Welcome into inside the Parker I'm your host rob, Parker and yes, we are back and we will be here every week for you through the baseball season. Of course we hope that the baseball season we'll get started here in twenty twenty, but we decided. We're going to kick it off. We have Julia McWilliams a beat writer for the Red Sox. From the Boston Globe will also have an addition of foul or fair prefers. Here's getting rob. To lead off. It's getting. And keep them up. ROB's hot. Take the three biggest stories in major. League Baseball Star. Number One. There is hope. That baseball can be played this year at least especially after three of the biggest stage and their governors new. York California Texas all said that they're gonNA be open for business in June for Major League sports. There won't be any fans, but. They're welcoming major league teams to play Games. Now it's up to the baseball players union, and the owners to come together and figure something out. I don't expect the Union the Ben Dover and give up everything that they worked for I. DON'T I get it? They've worked hard not to have a salary cap. So auto expect one. But I also understand the owners from the standpoint. This won't be baseball as usual. There will be no money coming from fans. There will be no parking money. There will be no concession money. They'll be no merchandising money that this sold the stadium. That's big time money. That's going to be law, so the money can't be the same. There has to be some happy medium. We cannot not have baseball if the states or allowing during his pan-demic for games to be played. Come on baseball. This is not nineteen ninety-four. We can't accept that we need you guys to come to some sort of agreement. That's going to work for both parties. For Baseball for the Players Union and most of all for all the baseball fans at home, dying to watch the national pastime this coming summer. July fourth would be a great day to kick off Major League Baseball. Yes, baseball, hot dogs, apple, Pie and Chevrolet on July, fourth would be sweet news for all of US number two. I WANNA, pay my respects to Bob Watson. The former all star and former general manager of both the Astros in the Yankees who passed last week at age seventy four. Bob Watson somebody I was around. I was working in New York at the time back in nineteen, ninety six when he became the first black, general manager. To win a world series. With the nineteen ninety-six Yankees and he's the man who broke the long slump. The Yankees had him winning a world series. By. The moves he made and the team he put together truth. Be When you look at that Yankee Dynasty Bob. Watson is the guy. Who was the first engineer of it? He's the one who put it together. Brian Cashman took it over from Bob Watson and continued to win. Bob Watson played fourteen. Major League seasons. Was a good ballplayer. And, what's a good general manager? When you think back to that one thousand nine hundred ninety six run hours, remember the one movie made to get Graham Lloyd the left-handed pitcher. Go look it up. Graham Lloyd was huge Inet world series getting handed bats out. Especially Ryan Klesko from the braves. Yes, indeed without that move. Who knows that the? Yankees would have won that world series, but they did. And Bob Watson should get plenty of credit. Rust in Peace Bob Watson number three by by Alex. Bregman yes. That's what he told Clutch Sports. He doesn't want to be a part of Lebron James's. Group anymore because Lebron. James's group is going to do a documentary about the astros cheating. Wait a minute really. You, mean the one where. The general manager and the manager got wacked from baseball year. You mean that one. Now bregman doesn't want to be a part of it because they're going to. Put out the truth about what went down in that situation how we is that? I thought pregnant would stand-in for the hot stove and heavy. The heater. And apparently not. He's not going to accept that people are going to talk about this. People are going to report on this. People are going to dissect this. Yes, you guys did it the Houston, Astros. To Take your lumps. You can't run from everywhere that what you're GONNA do. Anybody who talks about or criticizes the Astros in what they did? They're cheating scandal to win that world series in two thousand seventeen really. Alex, Bregman. That is a week move. An it career at GD means owning the opportunity to play a crucial role in transforming how agencies operate join DDAT for challenging and impactful work that advances your career apply now at. Dot Com slash careers ged as an opportunity and Here, comes the big interview. Listen Hendler. Good. All, right, let's welcome in Julia McWilliams. The Boston Red Sox beat writer for the Boston Globe Julian welcome to the podcast. About Robert thanks. Man Always a pleasure love your knowledge. Let's talk about the red sox couple of things first a punishment from baseball in the scandal, the cheating scandal that wasn't on the proportion of the Houston Astros. What did the Red Sox? How did they get penalized? Well you know they lost the second round draft. Pick any other year. You might say hey, that's not a big deal, but if you consider that the step that the draft has been slight D- to five rounds, that's the significance significant significant loss Keep in mind. They have to do all this stuff virtually, so scouting's a lot different, so the red sox are. In for a long kind of draft process you know. They also fired the video coordinator. Who.

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