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EU regulators decided it was unfair for Google to fool smartphone makers that used Android to also install its apps. The company argued that giving away it's open source operating system resulted in cheaper phones and more competition with chief rival, apple Google. Google said in a blog post that it had to start John ging to make up for lost revenue as a result of the EU enforcement measures, the brewers gets sneaky, but the dodgers don't flinch AP's. Mark Myers reports. Clayton Kershaw was solid. As Elliot is another trip to the fall classic. The dodgers are one win from a return trip to the World Series. After beating the brewers five to two in game five Clayton Kershaw dominated on the mound for seven innings one run on three heads with nine ks max munchies RBI single BRCA one one stalemate as well. As scored five runs in the fifth sixth and seventh innings Milwaukee starter. Wade Miley was pulled after just one batter. Brandon Woodruff followed with five third relief innings giving up three runs. Mark myers. President Trump has given his cabinet a homework. Assignment AP Washington. Correspondent saga megani? Says it has to do with cutting budgets. The president says he's heard of a money saving strategy called the penny plan to cut federal spending by one. Percent rather than go by the penny plan. We'll call it the nickel with much of his cabinet sitting around a table. He asked each member to cut next year's budgets by five percent or more get rid of the fat get rid of the waste saying he believes it can be done easily. The president says he couldn't ask for cut sooner because he was working to boost Pentagon spending saga megani at the White House. The Justice department investigates clergy sex abuse, I'm Jacky Quin with an AP news minute after a grand jury in Pittsburgh found hundreds of cases of clergy sex abuse over the decades. Now, the federal government is investigating. Here's Warren Levinson. Roman Catholic archdiocese of Pennsylvania have been getting subpoenas from the federal department of Justice to people familiar with the federal probe say the subpoenas are seeking a wealth of sensitive information from across the state, President Trump at a campaign rally in Montana repeats is warning he'll sit down the border with Mexico if a thirties there, don't stop a caravan of Honduran migrants. He. Blames democrats? To acknowledge or to change the laws. They like it. They also figure everybody coming in is going to vote democrat the president. Now admits it looks like a Saudi journalist is dead but his awaiting a Saudi investigation before commenting further. Evacuation orders have been lifted near San Francisco over a gas line fire. I'm Jacky Quin. AP digital news back in a moment is Ron Don. Sombody? Jed.

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