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News now on, ten ten wins Flags are flying half staff of the White House and the capital, following the death of Senator John McCain the Vietnam war hero President Trump is tweeting that his, deepest sympathies go out to the, McCain John McCain's family Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer will introduce a resolution to rename. The senate's Russell office, building after him, in, a statement tonight Senator Schumer said quote nothing, will overcome the loss of Senator, McCain but so that generations remember him I will be introducing a resolution. To rename the Russell, building after him, here's Senator John McCain delivering his acceptance speech at the Republican as the Republican nominee for president at the Republican national. Convention in September two, thousand and eight this isn't Saint Paul Minnesota Here is Senator. John McCain speaking about the impact of his diagnosis in an. Appearance on, ABC's the view on October twenty third. 2017 does make you appreciate. Every minute of every hour of every day we should also thank God for every minute because we're blessed, we're brush to be on the raiders Asian on earth morning begins in Arizona his Jonathan Karl, Arizona governor Doug Ducey has now, ordered all flags in Arizona it'll be lowered to half staff in honor and remembrance. Of John McCain Ducey, writing in a, tweet, may God rest his soul and look over, his entire family he says quote, our state and nation more in together for more on Senator John McCain's. Life had to ten, ten wins dot, com gunfire outside of a Harlem housing project in the overnight hours fight escalated a teenager was killed and two others. Wounded was a good, kid That's how Dorothy, Neil describe your nineteen year old brother who just died in. A hail, of, bullets outside the Carver houses the NYPD says to other teams were wounded one of them suspected gang member the victim's. Sister, says cops should patrol the houses at night when most. Of the, violence takes place make the streets safe. Cops patrol here all day And soon as they leave something happened The sister of the victim says her brother was not a gang member and police always assume, shootings here are gang-related drew Scott ten, ten wins, in Harlem wins news time ten. Forty five from. The. WFAN sports desk here's Mike McCann okay modique the Yankees had trouble, with the Orioles, much of the. Season, but not today sunny great pitch well working with the lead Brett Gardner. Doubled leading off the game at scored the very first one in route to a five one victory in the nightcap earlier Gardner had one. Of four Yankee homers as they powder the os tend. To three here is the one one.

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