Joe Biden, United States, Iran discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Victor valley college in victorville was closed for the rest of the day because of a threat that includes included eating classes, a message in a restroom stall talked about a shooting at the school yesterday afternoon. Epistles say, they don't believe the threat is credible. Police were investigating the school's executive vice presidents has all classes and the rest of the college. Business activities will resume this morning as usual former vice president Joe Biden is giving a speech at a luncheon fundraiser at dawn, the west side for Senator Dianne Feinstein's re-election campaign event cost twenty seven hundred bucks. A head Biden scheduled was scheduled to speak at a pack fundraiser this evening in Beverly Hills. He's set to attend a rally at Cal State Fullerton today in support of six democratic congressional candidates. The US has cancelled a one thousand nine hundred fifty five treaty, affirming friendly relations with Iran because of the UN court ruling ordering the US to lift some sanctions against Iran. National security adviser John Bolton says the court has given her on a forum for propaganda Iranian regime has systematically pursued a policy of hostility toward the United States that defames the central premise of the treaty of amity. Bolton also announced the administration is pulling out of an amendment to the Vienna. Convention on diplomatic relations that Iran or others could use to sue the US at the Hague-based tribunal. Bolden says the provision violates US sovereignty a cheerleader in Michigan is taking the campaign for homecoming Queen seriously so seriously Hartford police want to talk to her about the marijuana laced brownies. She handed out last week as bribes four votes. Police say the clean contender is out of town at the moment. But the looking forward to a sit down when she gets back.

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