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Should we get into it. Yeah probably now. Okay alexis yes. You sent me a video over the weekend Bit nearly stopped me ties. Yardley nearly made me create a bit of a traffic jam. Yeah yeah it's kind of unbearable. Cute what's going on over here And share with the listeners. What i'm kind of a bad person. And here's what no so okay. It's generally like four or five doors down from me There's this house who it's hard to. Sometimes there's a You know those mobile grooming like it's like a food truck but from grooming dr row. Sometimes one of those is parked outside of and so i think they have like a lot of dodd clients and things that but i think just where they go to the clients But so it's a really like there's always just dogs in their yard. And i'm never sure who's they are if they belonged by For a while there was a dog that i was calling batman who i later learned. His name was joker Dr klaus sweater the good. What kind of dog was batman. Soccer a baked dog. That was started as a puppy. Also just did not give away my little bit of foreshadowing but you know. I'm not really sure. Maybe like a german shepherd but mix something with floppy ears so very you know really cute cute. Yeah that that means good name for that duck because he had barriers. I m look jokers. Fine but i was like. I think that Eugene but anyway so there's always an assortment dogs and i don't know who actually live there and who are visiting but right now confirmed i have sightings of this little grey pit bull puppy and i sent her an hey a video of i think it's the puppy is is sitting cute and then walk away because i stand up and the puppies upset so it gives a little howl of going. Whoa wait a minute. So it's so cute and it's hard to convey like how small it is also in the video. But it's because i was gonna say he seems like he's growing still pretty little pretty little though he's probably the size of he's like maybe a tiny bit bigger than cricket Oh i must come over. Yeah simply want us just yet. But he's not there all the time. That's the thing is like i think it might be a friends or something and they're just bringing it over while they visit because every day i'm going out there like getting ready to take the video i didn't. He's not there. Okay when i think we may have to do is a drop. What you're doing all okay. Is it cossio john. I find it cost you e- burning the house down because you're making dinner at these the sacrifices we make your if is a pit bull cup puppy you come running you simply do. You're right okay. Okay y'all he's zoo. Pups name is no. I'm waiting. No one's ever. It's it's weird. Because i think they're probably inside hanging out in the puppies hanging out in the yard but out there someone mosaic. Are you do And it's very cute because chrome loves puppies because they're small doxa heavens very excited and i think cricket doesn't understand what it is because it's like this clumsy weird dog that's too interested in him but i'm i'm working on it. I'm trying to look. This is this is a baby dog. Like sure is a little bit going to be bit. Nice now bright. So i'll keep you know this is kind of a Ongoing puppy watch so truly. Yeah this is some investigative journalism. I get behind. This is. i'd imagine story. I am here for exactly and i can't wait to learn. Its name because i will. I gotta how portugal Yeah but for and if need be were available to name him that's true. Yeah okay so you've seen him now what. What is your first thought of as a stray. There's gonna be a little bit. But can i fell out of my mouth when i saw. Look that corncob got. I feel like corncob because an all american died looking looking. Good anti colonel. But he's going to. He's going to grow into full. he's also something about his mouth. That does give the impression of like. That'd be good at eating corncob. Absolutely that he has blue ribbons. Absolutely so i feel like we would be remiss. Did not promise that we're going to post this. Oh yeah i knew right away okay. i'll get it prompted. Might even make top billing for tomorrow's promotion get your image corncob who coined cap we would but would you namus doug oh It's real to me right now. It's got a real gusts vibe. You know is much better. I don't think so. What about gus. Corncob covert. Yeah i should take your last name. That makes sense really appreciate you not fighting now. Now that makes it means a lot. Coffee does have a really nice right preston. Yuck by no no disagree. We'll we gotta get precedent in there so um guess preston corncob covert. Ya comes really good long. But he'll learn or she. I don't know he'll get checked. So it is elizabeth avenue. You're like all right. we get it. It's a puppy but does get yourself on over to cip f- is that are handled. Podcast right you've got to put podcast average work but you know what gonna know what to look for you and for seven years. You know you're going to you're going to be like. Oh no i see. Weber stopped in her tracks and shouted corncob. Yes remember yeah tell me about Tugboat getting my mensa member of a dog. I would love to so as you. Well know it is lizard season. Yes gophers gophers. What made you. You look like a person who knows what it's lizard. Obviously yes wilbur. Center thing you can still get away with looking for a gopher it's night would pass a heavily ya okay and but if you want to be the you know the top of the tower start chasing some lizards lizard season because it's real hot in the morning so all the losers or baskin's and tugboat his decided it's his job to make sure that they Move swiftly from where they are currently asking us and so we passed by one house. That is just a it's a it's a lizard Spa resort good amount of lizards. Was rat any this consistent And the lizards are all in front of this. Bush and then tugboat will go at them. They will go into the bush and in tugboat will For about two weeks running go face first into this bush and be ricocheted backwards gives the bush doesn't have a lot of so just and then come out with just a face full of feathers and flowers and a couture ma bush will provide and just every day he is throwing himself into this bush. And there's nothing. I can do to stop it but today it looks today so again. There's two weeks two weeks of learning such a lesson. So i think there in lies. The will how much of a genius if it took jewish weeks. Learn us. that's it to inks. he sees the lizard. Guess who goes immediately to the other and you waited for the lizard to come out on the other side lizard. Did not lizard stayed in the bush. Because it's smart lizard guide. I'm proud of him. For sort of revamping his effort. Yeah that's some good like a lateral thinking night. Not too bad not too bad his would you. Would you say would take the average genius two weeks to learn to look somewhere else beyond your if nothing else. You know anyone who's done any sort of lizard catching knows that it's no joke. And you got to start thinking outside the bun about these kinds of things because you cannot just try and wack added interstate. there moves and wants to behead. Yeah i mean that's game theory. You know what someone's going to do is game theory in that okay people. Have you know college degrees in that. So like you have Susan my heart and soul and the basically affirming that he is a genus. Have all right. Well we gotta an investigative report and ingenious this week's creek chromebook. Do you know what time it is. No it is a well loved to tell you. It's time for my minute with jenny.

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