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Who got his created me to be lesson to was that we should not move or start until god tells us to and man. I get lots of lots of ideas sometimes. They don't necessarily know how to get there and that's where it helps to have my husband because he can kind of see some of the next steps. He's an idea person too. So you know to idea people in one house. Ooh lots of ideas flowing but we should not step into or step out in a direction unless we know that that is the direction god gave us. Now i want i want to give a biblical example of this and i want to give a little caveat the biblical examples that when the israelites were in the desert and we see this in numbers chapter nine when they were in the desert god placed a pillar of cloud. Yeah a cloud in front of them and during the day you would see it was a cloud and then at night it would be a pillar of fire so that they could see it in the darkness of the night and the people did not move unless that pillar was gone now. Now i'm beginning to wonder if i was wrong about the fire different part anyway. We'll my biblical scholars. Look that up. Anyway there was a cloud a cloud that rested on the tabernacle here. It is Rest on the tabernacle and as long as the cloud rested on the tabernacle it meant the presence of god was there and they were supposed to stay as soon as that. Cloud lifted at matt go. It's time for you to move move on. That could have been in the middle of the night. If the cloud moved they were supposed to move as well. If the cloud was resting they were to stay. They were not supposed to move on without the presence of the lord. And i want to encourage you to think about that part of the reason why i was so overwhelmed is because i was trying to move on without the presence of the lord and trying to do everything can i do everything. Sure did i have the gifts to serve in all of those capacities sure. Was it too much for a twenty four hour day. Yes and i recently heard a quote by peter scott zero. He wrote a emotionally healthy discipleship and he said don't make the mistake of doing more than what god.

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