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You know and it's what would you do for this please do for their players do for this player i don't know because i don't know what it would take to get when you said there are other ways to do it there are other ways to get that type of production or other ways to build a baseball team than to sell out and sell you farm system for ratings this other ways to build your team they've very good pitching staff you'll get a very good hitter in jd martinez you deal hanley ramirez you'll maybe go sign another first basement type but i'm just saying there's other ways to do it she i think they'll give up an awful lot and they'll find a way of justifying it they will unload they will find a way of passing on hanley ramirez for for you know for money they'll do they'll throw money into the equation of they'll send somebody else they'll get rid of hanley henley will not be here next year there's no way you can go into next season and expected hanley is going to come back and be really good you can't to the you've seen enough of it now right so you get rid of him she save some money there and you can tag that money on the stage dan i just think stanton is going to be the number one guy on their liz going to be too tough to resist yup but they needed with christian they need it because it gives you the power you've got no potter now homerun power in your lineup so you need them for that reason and second of all and lose right you'd they will be criticised because they're doing it for marketing guess what they those people will be accurate they're doing it because they've got to get their franchise back on the more on the on the front page right and that's what he does he will get people excited about this team again earlier i understand that and we would be fun to watch this guy play every single day and miami will boil now now you'll go.

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