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New book the kellogg's the battling brothers of battle creek he's the director of the center of the history of medicine at the university of michigan where he's also a professor of pediatrics and communicable diseases we'll be right back after we take a short break this is fresh air this is fresh air and if you're just joining us my guest dr howard marquel he's the author of the new book the kellogg's the battling brothers of battle creek and is about the kellogg brothers one of whom was deep into health he was a doctor and created a sanitarium where wellness was the thing and his other brother was the basically the marketing genius who popularized the flake cereals that the brothers co created like cornflakes and of course the other brother will kellogg created kellogg's cereals so another thing that he was in the forefront of was probiotics he believed that acid afula's yes which is one of the most common probiotics now would help you maintain a healthy digestive system new describe his basement laboratory in which he studied fecal specimens under the microscope comparing the fecal specimens of people who took assegaf less with those who didn't i mean who else was doing that back in the turn of the century in the turn of the twentieth century there was a man named enrique at the pasture laboratory in paris and dr kellogg often travel to europe to learn new techniques and new ideas you know it's really funny he started as a passionate believer in seven day adventuresome health reform and he kept a lot of those ideas throughout his career but as science and medicine progressed he would read up on these he would speak to the people who are making these discoveries and he would shoe horn and shape these discoveries to his own worldview so he worked with dr tuesday at the past your lab to study acid afula's and he found that people whose guts were populated with acid off louis did far better in not having digestive diseases than those who did not he also found that soya milk was a much better medium for the propagation of acid off louis and that babies who were fed soy milk acid off listed far better than those who were treated cow's milk but not nearly as good as those who are treated breast milk human breast milk regularity was an obsession for dr kellogg and he had a lot of intestinal problems when he was a child he did he did as a child he ate very badly his favorite meal he he lectured about was braised oxtail in a greasy fatty brown gravy even in his seventies or eighties he would talk about those meals lovingly and you know fried potatoes and flap jacks and bacon and things like that so he ate a lot of not only fatty foods but constipated foods he also ate a lot of candy and he developed a constipation he developed hemorrhoids he also developed a colitis that scarred his intestine and so he knew what happened when you ate badly and you're constipated and not regular he also like many dodgers at that time believed in the theory called auto intoxication where putrefying meet just stayed in your gut and gave off poisons that caused all sorts of problems from flatulence and dispatch zia to depression so he was very aware of that and he studied gorillas in zoos and realized that those guerrillas had anywhere from four to five bomb movements a day and they seem to be quite happy and so he prescribed his patients to do the same and if you ate the diet that he recommended as well as the frequent animals and the yogurt and the soy milk and so on you would indeed have frequent bamboo but he also believed in some things that seem pretty quirky to us now now what are a couple of examples of those well let's begin to flake cereals so they are more easily digested but we now know that cornflakes or any flake cereal has something called a high glycemic index which means you start digesting it as soon as you're chewing it you start breaking it down and so that will bounce your blood sugar all the way up which then bounces your blood insulin level all the.

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