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Guess what every week I'm going to help you. Take Action and make the difference you were born to make, but please do not expect anything about this podcast to be traditional. We've got songs weird sound effects the occasional. Maybe some fart jokes. If you're lucky and anything else, that makes me laugh. It's all fair game because this is the Marie Forleo podcast. Hey it's Marie forleo and welcome to the Marie Forleo podcast today. We are talking with two powerhouses, not too so an an friedman who you might know from. They're very popular podcast. Call your girlfriend so they are here on the Marie, Forleo podcast today to talk about their incredible new book called big friendship how we keep each other close I think you're gonNA love it enjoy. I mean not to and thank you so much for taking the time to talk today we went around a few technical difficulties, but here we are in together. I congratulations on your book big friendship how we keep each other close. It is phenomenal I've read it cover to cover so congrats on that. Thank you. Thank you so much for having us. It's such a joy, and so you should also know that our team here at team four Leo big fans of both of you, and so when this started to come together, everyone was clapping and cheering and know folks are going to be excited and said even further contacts. Friendship is an area that our audience thinks about an asks about a lot and some of the questions that they've written in our. You know is so and so a true friend. How do I know if I can trust them? How do I know if I'm in a toxic friendships? Do I either fix this one or you know one to end it, so I feel like this is the perfect conversation to dive into with you both Let's start at the top. Tell me about the inspiration for the book and why he wanted to write it. Well I mean I. Guess The inspiration is our own friendship. Is that fair to say? It's fair. It seems weird to say were inspired by ourselves, but like that's kind of the truth. And just more specifically I think that our experience of friendship and of our friendship is really a lot deeper and more complex and. Challenging and wonderful, and you know any adjective you WANNA throw in there than a lot of the conventional narratives about friendship, and so I think we wanted to talk about this kind of a close friendship in a way that really elevated it to to the kind of positions. It's at for us..

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