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Your own is is delusional. The one of the things. That is appealing about descartes's project. Even if you don't agree with his specific steps along the way is that he's really looking for certainty right. You know abc metaphysical grounding that. You can't argue against once. You appreciate it is it. Is there some sense in which either confucianism or chinese philosophy. More generally is a bit more foul ballistic and a bit more. You know We're working towards something rather than here's the once and for all of final foundation. Yeah that's an interesting way to put it. I hadn't thought of it. That way confucius thinks that the the western joe culture is perfectly good and captures everything all the truth of the world so in a way. Okay he thinks there was a period of time when people had figured everything out and there are suggestions that may have even been revealed by heaven so it was kind of divine revelation of the system. shinzo is morey. Call him more of a foul blest. I would think in that. He thinks that humans invented the confucian away. Okay and they did it over time. they basically. There was a series of these kinds of cultural geniuses. Who cobbled together. The confusion way for functional purposes because it helped us live in large scale societies. And be harmonious. And he's got an interesting Description of the state of nature. That looks a lot like hops. Where he's says you know. Human desires or limitless resources are limited. And so that's a recipe for disaster. To how do we deal with that. We've got to learn how to restrain desires reshape. Them and the confucian ways the perfect way to that so he thinks it's actually kind of artifact that was constructed by people over a period of time. He thinks it perfect. It works perfectly. So he's also like yeah. The confusion is the only way to be but in his model. There's some openness to change right so if the environment change conditions changed new sage kings arise who had innovate in kind of fix confucian way. So fit the news for lulu. Lose viewer giving now..

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