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T. O. P is George Wallace has the details from FedEx Field? I robbed Washington snaps a five game losing streak meets Cowboys 25 to 3. Kyle Allen throws a couple of touchdown passes one of 52 yards to Terry McLaurin, the other 1 15 yards to Logan, Thomas Antonio Gibson, 128 yards on the ground and a touchdown. Andy Dalton was knocked out of this game by John Bostick was ejected. Banducci comes in out of James Madison to finish the game. Don't did threw an interception before he left physically. Just 12 carries 45 yards. In Washington sacking Dallas quarterbacks six times on the day 25 to 3 the final both teams now two and five. Washington on a by next week All right. Thank you, George. And a happy birthday, too. To sports Legends in D, C. Juan Soto and the man you just heard George Wallace. No Happy birthday. Yeah. Thie Ravens on there by this week, but the Steelers win the battle of undefeated teams in Tennessee. They edges heightens 27 24 2 games were just one on last second touchdowns just moments ago. Matthew Stafford. He is the anti Falcons folks. He engineered a last second touchdown drive to lead Detroit. 23 22 win in Atlanta and Baker Mayfield throwing a last second touchdown to lead the Browns threw a 38 34 win in Cincinnati. Despite losing Odell Beckham to any injury early in the game, hey, did not return down a level. Indiana's upset of Penn State's has them in the top 25 at number 17 that is one spot ahead of the Nittany Lions. Clemson and Alabama hold at one and two, while Ohio State moved up to number three. Virginia text lost a Wake Forest pushed them out of the rankings engulf Justin Thomas leads the final round of the Zozo Championship at 21 under that is good for a one stroke lead over John Graham Tiger Woods toward the back of the pack. He is just one under for the tournament tonight. It is that pivotal Game five of the World Series Clayton Kershaw, taking the mound for the Dodgers opposite the Rays. Tyler Glass. Now that's an 808 start. Rob would forget w t o p sports. Thank you, Robyn. Just ahead here on W GOP, more Maryland money to help the state's small businesses on Kate Ryan for 17. Are you single and surviving this pandemic all alone? Do you wonder how you're going to meet new people and even date as the world begins to open back up? Are you over online dating and virtual gatherings, Then it's time you joined my social calendar. My social calendar is a nationwide events Club for singles that's been around for 10 years. You could meet people face to face while hiking, hot air ballooning, going to cooking classes or attending a wine tasting. You name it. Best of all is better than online. Dating my social calendar plans over 20 events a month for single people to get out of the house and make new friends seriously. When was the.

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