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Postgame show there's so many things you can talk about and they hit on a lot of them but the big hit by austin jackson tonight getting the bases clearing double and just crushed it down the left field line and and i thought the professor we'll have montemar morning at ten o'clock live at the public house tomorrow i thought the professor had a great game tonight as the third base coach i really did held up belt when he had to hold them up sent crawford when he had to send them held up posey the professor was all over it tonight making very good decisions and getting everyone in a screened in scoring position without any trouble tonight so i always said about the professor ron wo does you know i've said it when he's on the show he's like having a player on the field he he reads the plays like an infielder reads the place and that's the way he reacts so good game for him tonight longoria another nice game for him hit the ball hard when the giants needed another big hit but i think that game turned on johnny cueto and as i talk about the first game and fifteenth six and roberto gomez taken one for the team and getting optioned out derek law getting option out after this game today johnny cueto went out and boy that first inning give up a couple of hits a couple of runs and now all of a sudden it's to nothing and you're saying is this going to be one of those days where nothing goes right then he settles down and retires eighteen of the next twenty eighteen of the next twenty the only to guide on with walks and he controlled the game and there were big pitches that he had to make and i say it enough about cueto when he is on when he is pitching his game he's as good as anybody around and it may not be the power of max scherzer the great curveball of kershaw this and that but when he's on the mound ev every pitch has a meaning everything he does has a meaning and it was really nice to to see him working today and getting it into the sixth.

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